Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday David James!

 Our first precious miracle - November 9, 2006
November 9, 2013 - 7 years old and out on his first hunting adventure with Daddy.
Our dear, sweet David. Happy Birthday son! We are so incredibly proud of the young man that God is molding you to be. Your tender-heart and your love for adventure are quite a combination that we are excited to see how God will use in your life. Your smile is contagious and your testimony and example to your little brother is precious. Each moment of the your life has been a blessing to us as your Mommy & Daddy. We love you so much and look forward to each new moment that God gives us with you. Stay strong in the Lord my son and may His hand shower you with blessings forever.
Daddy & Mommy

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Visit from the Stockers!

The morning of October 4th, the boys had a huge surprise when I drove them to the airport to pick up Auntie Jamie, Uncle Brad, & Liam. We hadn't see each other since Liam's 1st birthday back in June of 2012 so it was a much needed visit!
 David and Liam bonded right away
 Aiden took a little bit longer to warm up...
 but not that long...Liam brought David & Aiden a goody bag filled with all kinds of stuff, including new airplanes, which they loved! Aiden wouldn't put his down all through breakfast.
 From the airport we headed straight to where else? Baker's Kitchen. They arrived around 10am and had flown all night from CA, so despite being tired, they were also very hungry. Plus what is a trip to New Bern without a trip for French toast and some yummy syrup?!
 Sweet cousins posing downtown New Bern by one of the many bears
 A love seat is only so big, but everyone wanted some snuggle time with Auntie Jamie, and she couldn't resist.
 David was teaching Aiden and Liam his military parade marching skills
 Our precious families
 Can you tell their Mommies are sisters?
 Posing for a group shot after church on Sunday
 These cousins love each other so much and really enjoyed spending more time together bonding
 Liam had some very cool different colored shades that he shared with Aiden. We thought a picture was very necessary.
 The Monday they had to head back home, their flight didn't leave until around 5 so we were able to head to base and Jim took a quick 20 minute break from work to show the inside the KC-130J
 Look who can fly a C-130!
One last picture before we had to head back home to get them ready for their flight. We had such a wonderful visit. It really makes it hard when we live literally across the country from each other, but we thank God that we were able to make some special memories together and look forward to the next visit! We love you Brad, Jamie, & Liam Hugh!!