Thursday, May 16, 2013

April & May 2013 Highlights

Just to catch everyone up a little bit with some fun pictures from April & May so far...
 Jim celebrated his 32nd Birthday on April 1st- Happy Birthday Daddy!
 April 27th, David ran in his very first competitive race. The Lookout Rotary Race in Morehead City, NC. Jim's parents were visiting that weekend and due to a last minute, but very much delayed, work trip for Jim, he was unable to run with David. Grandpa Taylor filled in as "Jim Friedlein" and David's running buddy.
 Much to our excitement, David did very well and ended up placing 2nd in his age group with a mile run time of 9 minutes and 21 seconds, I was one proud Mama!
 Grandpa also placed! He won 1st in "his" age group too, not bad for a "32" year old :) We had so much fun with Grandpa & Grandma and were thrilled to be able to celebrate Grandma's birthday with her while they were here.
 Daddy returned from his trip the afternoon of April 28th and was off of work the following day. David's tooth had started to get loose a few weeks prior, but finally fell out on the morning of April 29, 2013! His first lost tooth! He was so excited and we were happy Daddy was home to see it too! Our little man is growing up, *tear from Mama
 The Wehrman little ones spend a morning with us. Aiden & Kylee enjoying some yogurt together.
 May 2, we headed to Downtown New Bern to visit the Fire Station. It was a wonderful field trip with some local homeschool families. We thank God for the brave men who serve and protect us as fighter fighters!
 This picture is for you Mrs. Donna! :)
 We continue our "coupon" shopping and my little assistants are learning how to be big helpers. On this particular day Aiden said he was sleepy and wanted to lie down for a nap in the front part of the cart. Silly boy!
 Mr. Voddie Baucham & Jim having a heart-to-heart at the CHAP convention
 On Friday while in PA for the homeschool convention, we all headed to the NOAH Show @ Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster County, PA. It was truly amazing and we are so glad we took the time to experience this remarkably convicting rendition of the biblical account of Noah and the Ark. It was a beautiful theater and everything from the singing to the live and animatronic animals was a huge hit for our whole family.
I don't normally like to put only diapered pictures of my children out for the world to see, but this little man was just too silly and too sweet last night not to share this. While getting ready for bed and trying to pull his t-shirt off, Aiden said, "Mommy I have a hat," and wanted to show David & Daddy his "hat." This sweet little smile melts my heart :) We are truly blessed indeed...

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