Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Upward Soccer 2013

This was our 3rd year participating in Upward Soccer through our church. We have LOVED every minute of it! This year Jim was able to be coach again and David picked out our team name, the Eagles!
 David has really improved over the last 3 years and is so quick on the field. I love watching him play!
 Coach Jim warming up our team
 Getting ready for team announcing, David would fly through the tunnel like an eagle every game day.
 Team Eagles ready to play
 Our kiddos really learned how to play together as a team, we are so proud of them
 David & Shane scrimmaging at practice.
 Flying like an Eagle again
Our final game of the season was this past Saturday. Our Eagles did so well! Even though we "don't keep score" we won all our games but one and tied two. David made several goals this year and is such a team player. He is always running and never stops until the game ends. Jim played tons of soccer growing up and watching David I can just imagine him being the spitting image of his Daddy when he was younger.
We thank you Eagles for a wonderful and blessed season!
E-A-G-L-E-S, Goooooo Eagles!!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

April & May 2013 Highlights

Just to catch everyone up a little bit with some fun pictures from April & May so far...
 Jim celebrated his 32nd Birthday on April 1st- Happy Birthday Daddy!
 April 27th, David ran in his very first competitive race. The Lookout Rotary Race in Morehead City, NC. Jim's parents were visiting that weekend and due to a last minute, but very much delayed, work trip for Jim, he was unable to run with David. Grandpa Taylor filled in as "Jim Friedlein" and David's running buddy.
 Much to our excitement, David did very well and ended up placing 2nd in his age group with a mile run time of 9 minutes and 21 seconds, I was one proud Mama!
 Grandpa also placed! He won 1st in "his" age group too, not bad for a "32" year old :) We had so much fun with Grandpa & Grandma and were thrilled to be able to celebrate Grandma's birthday with her while they were here.
 Daddy returned from his trip the afternoon of April 28th and was off of work the following day. David's tooth had started to get loose a few weeks prior, but finally fell out on the morning of April 29, 2013! His first lost tooth! He was so excited and we were happy Daddy was home to see it too! Our little man is growing up, *tear from Mama
 The Wehrman little ones spend a morning with us. Aiden & Kylee enjoying some yogurt together.
 May 2, we headed to Downtown New Bern to visit the Fire Station. It was a wonderful field trip with some local homeschool families. We thank God for the brave men who serve and protect us as fighter fighters!
 This picture is for you Mrs. Donna! :)
 We continue our "coupon" shopping and my little assistants are learning how to be big helpers. On this particular day Aiden said he was sleepy and wanted to lie down for a nap in the front part of the cart. Silly boy!
 Mr. Voddie Baucham & Jim having a heart-to-heart at the CHAP convention
 On Friday while in PA for the homeschool convention, we all headed to the NOAH Show @ Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster County, PA. It was truly amazing and we are so glad we took the time to experience this remarkably convicting rendition of the biblical account of Noah and the Ark. It was a beautiful theater and everything from the singing to the live and animatronic animals was a huge hit for our whole family.
I don't normally like to put only diapered pictures of my children out for the world to see, but this little man was just too silly and too sweet last night not to share this. While getting ready for bed and trying to pull his t-shirt off, Aiden said, "Mommy I have a hat," and wanted to show David & Daddy his "hat." This sweet little smile melts my heart :) We are truly blessed indeed...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"We are here, we are here, we are here"

We ARE alive! It's true I have been a bad blogger for a very long time. I've had encouragement from some and just plain, "WHERE are you?" from others regarding getting myself in gear. Truthfully neither worked, I have just come to the realization that I just have to do it, no excuses, just do it. We have been up to so much these last few months that there is just no possible way I could catch up without devoting an entire week, or more, of just blogging. So for now I am just going to pick up from here and move forward, hopefully.

This past weekend we drove to Harrisburg, PA for this years first homeschool convention, CHAP  Convention. We will also be heading to Pittsburgh, VA next month to meet the Duggars, (YAY!) at the HEAV Convention. Jim will be heading out for another "work trip," as we have started calling them, at the end of this month, so it was great to be able to attend even just one convention as a family this year. We had a blast! We were encouraged and challenged by the families we met as well as the many ministries present. We also were able to find some great curriculum and materials for our family at some amazing deals. I love discount shopping!

One of the men that we have been challenged and encouraged by through the Word of God is Mr. Voddie Baucham. The little boys and  I had the privilege of meeting him last year at the Teach Them Diligently Convention, but since Jim was deployed this year was his first opportunity to hear him speak in person and to sit down with him to ask some questions. We appreciate his ministry very much and the diligence he has in preaching and teaching God's Word.

We were able to spend a little time with our dear friends, the Goodfellows which is always a great time. Our two families have been so busy that we had to meet in Pennsylvania just to catch up over dinner, even though we only live 15 minutes from each other :) David never left their booth and had a fantastic time being a cowboy and spending time with their girls.

Sunday morning on our way home we visited Hope Baptist Church where we worshipped and fellowshipped, I know made up word, with some amazing families who took us in as their own and challenged us with God's Word and encouraged us in our walks with the Lord. Our boys made friends quickly with the other children there and we were so thankful for the precious time these dear people shared with us. We will be visiting them once again on Memorial Day for their amazing celebration, found here. ALL are welcome to join us, it is sure to be an amazing time.

This week and next week, David is finishing his "official" school work for the year and will be promoted to the 2nd grade, wowey! I will have lots to blog about regarding school in a little bit, once we are "done" for this year.

We have lots of plans for the summer and I know it is going to fly by, but I am going to make sure that blogging fits in our schedule, and hopefully some scrapbooking too.

I know this blog has lots of links and not so many pictures, but I need to organized them all and retrieve them off of my phone and Jim's and our camera, so I will get to that later.

For now, there is a little update on the Friedleins. Stay tuned for more!