Monday, March 25, 2013

December 2012 Florida Trip - Part 4 Legoland

Monday morning, we hopped into Grandpa & Gramma Taylor's car and headed to David's Christmas surprise...Legoland!
He was super excited! I woke up not feeling that well again, but was determined to have a fun day. It went by so fast and we explored many of the things that Legoland has to offer, you could definitely spend two days seeing and riding everything. It was a wonderful surprise for David and a perfect gift for him! Thank you Grandpa & Gramma!
 Ready to go in for a fun day
 Huge water spitting Lego dinosaur
We had to take a couple rides on the carousal! Lego horses!
The miniland was super cool! There were a bunch of major cities all done up in Legos, you literally could walk around here the entire day just to see everything.
 Washington D.C.
 On our way to the Lego Pirate Show
 This was a really cute show, including Lego men on jet skis and water skis :)
 Enjoying some fun rides with Gramma
 Lego Firefighters
 Taking a quiet stroll in the Lego boats, while trying to avoid getting sprayed with water. Aiden liked to steer us into the water sprays, nice.
 We had a great day at Legoland! Near closing David was starting to feel yucky, so he climbed into the stroller with Aiden for a rest. All three of us took a little nap on the way back to the hotel. That evening we were hit hard with feeling ill again, this time it was David's turn too. With the help of some meds we climbed in bed early again for some rest.
PJ time and one last goodbye to Mickey Mouse as we get ready to fly back home. We arrived late Tuesday evening and the Goodfellows were there to help us to the van. With one look they could tell we were not feeling well one bit. The next day I look Aiden to the doctor because he seemed to be taking a turn for the worst. We had a confirmed Influenza A, so much for that flu shot working this year! : ( Then Thursday I headed in and sure enough I had it too. The next week or so was rough for the three of us as we battled the flu. It really was the worst I can remember ever feeling. I know some may have their opinions on the flu shot, but I tell you what that is the last year I go without one! Our trip to Florida was great despite the awful sickness we battled. It was so great to see everyone and to have a sneak peak at Disney World before we headed back in January...

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