Monday, March 25, 2013

December 2012 Florida Trip Part 3 - Universal Studios & Meeting New Friends

Sunday afternoon, Grandma & Grandpa Van took the boys and I to Universal Studios. I was feeling a bit better that day after a good nights rest, and we were really looking forward to a fun-filled day. There was way more the see and do than I had excepted, but we picked the few that were more our style and had a great time! Thank you so much mom & Tom for the special day!
 Who wouldn't want to ride a tiger?
 Stopping in Jurassic Park. This dinosaur looked so real that David could barely stand turning his back on him just so we could take this picture.
 Dino-boys. They had a pretty cool gift shop.
 Mommy's favorite dinosaur, the triceratops.
 Heading into Dr. Seuss Land...
 There was hardly a line for anything the entire day which was so fun. This one ride was the only time we had to wait, and for only about 25 minutes. It was Aiden's first real ride and he was SUPER excited!!!
 Doing  like brother and putting his hands up in the air, "Wheee!!!"
 Any and all types of carousal rides are definitely Aiden's all time favorite!
 David enjoys them too!
 Having fun on the rides with Mommy, my sweet boys
 Hey, it's The Cat in the Hat!!
 It only took us 6 years, but finally David and Simon got to meet for the first time ever! Simon's Daddy was one of Jim's roommate's from the Naval Academy and their family is dear friends of ours. Our boys are barely one week apart in age and by a total "coincidence"of  God we found out that they were staying at Shades of Green the same time we were there. We were able to make a quick visit with them the night we headed back from Universal Studios.
 The boys hit it off right away and became instant friends.
 That evening Grandpa & Gramma Taylor met us for dinner at Universal and headed back to Shades of Green with us. We grabbed a quick ice cream cone before heading to bed for another adventure the next day.
David & Aiden's bed at Shades of Green. Time for some Zs because the yuckiness was returning...

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