Thursday, September 27, 2012

Michigan Trip Part 6- Trip to the Potter Park Zoo

Back to our Michigan trip...
After spending time with David & Lindsey at her parents' cottage we headed back to Lansing to spend the weekend with my Mama. Saturday morning we got up early and had some fun hitting the local garage sales. (Jim had a blast, really :) ) Aiden's favorite part of it all was checking out things that were NOT for sale.
Afterwards we headed to The Potter Park Zoo. The weather was perfect and we had a blast seeing all of the different animals and spending some fun time with Grandma Van.
Checking out the Nemos
The bald eagle
Learning some interesting facts about the camel.
A snow leopard getting some lunch
These gals were one of our favorites. They were young juvenile tigers! They were romping around and giving us a show it was great and they are beautiful.
Aiden's face says it all, "whoa"
Aiden wanted to pet the tigers, "here kitty, kitty"
Next door to the young tigers was one big Mama! Her head was huge!
Big Mama tiger
"See kitty Mommy?"
Sweepy Kitty
Next was another favorite, the lions! These gals were HUGE too! It was neat because usually when you go to a zoo all the animals are hiding and/or sleeping, but 99% of them were up and walking around while we were there it was great for us!
See the lion Aiden?

It looks like he is petting her
Crazy picture huh? You can't even see that there is glass between her & us.
Lovin' the lions
This little guy was having way too much fun making a mess; Aiden could relate.

I thought this was a crazy picture because of Aiden's reflection in it. He looks a wee bit scared.
Mommy & her little Joey
Daddy & Aiden's turn
The cute little meerkats
Having a great time with Grandma!
Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails, indeed.
Turtles with Mama
Mommy & Aiden enjoying the zoo
This little guy was some type of deer. We took his picture because IF we believed in evolution we'd say he was the morphed version of a deer and our dog Mr. Russell. But alas, this is just an interesting looking deer
The amazing porquipine
Mr. Mischievous, or so we called him.
We liked the Rhino
Who me??
This one made me laugh because David said they looked like they were in line waiting to use the bathroom. 
Next in line!
Cute little penguins
Where to next Aiden?
David's 1st camel ride. :)
Being silly waving to Aiden & Daddy

What a big boy!

Aiden missed David while he was riding the camel, oh brotherly love!
Next stop was definitely one of Mommy's most favorite, and believe it or not, I DO NOT like birds, especially flying around my head with the potential for doo-doo.
Slowly getting used to the birdies.
We bought some bird food on a stick so the birds could land on it while we held onto them, David LOVED this.
Aiden thought it was very interesting
and he wanted to pet the bird, silly boy
Pretty bird
David did a great job!
Aiden was copying the bird and thought it was so cute.
He'd tilt his head and say, "hi"
Silly bird!
A bird of every color!
Two of my most favorite guys!
Making new birdie friends
One last kiss before we had to say good-bye to the birds. I will say that we were in there for about 20 minutes and didn't get one drop of doo-doo on us, another guy who was in there at the same time was not so lucky, hehehe
Grandma & David checking out a little rest area.
"Hoo are you looking at?" I know, hilarious!
Look out, tiger on the loose!
An ostrich and her eggs? 
The otters are always so cute
This is usually what all the animals look like when we go to the zoo. He was our last stop however, and the only one who was sleeping. Goodnight wolf!
Attempting a family picture. Thanks Mom for the wonderful day at the zoo! It will not soon be forgotten!

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