Friday, August 31, 2012

Our Sweet David

Tonight while tucking David into bed, after he said his usual goodnight stream of sayings, he turned to me, started twirling my hair and said,
"Mommy, I want to stay with you"
and I told him, " I'll get ready for bed and then I'll come and check on you okay?"
He then said, "Want to know why I want to stay with you?"
and I asked him, "why?"
and he answered, "Because you're beautiful." And he flashed me his sweetest David smile yet.
What can a Mama do? :)

This picture is from when he was 4, but it captures completely, the sweet David grin. What a handsome young man we have. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Science is FUN!

 Learning about Grass Plants in our front yard (I knew not mowing would come in handy) :)
 Investigating the flowers and the seeds
Checking out the root system.
God sure created some amazing things!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Guess what came today?!?

 Aiden's Daddy Doll!
The boys with their Daddy :)
(Yes Aiden's hair is CRAZY-it's the yogurt from his breakfast :) )

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Trip to Michigan Part 5 - Hohs' Cottage

After a wonderful day at Liam's Birthday Party we drove on over to Jim's brother's in-law's cottage near Newaygo, MI. Lindsey's family has been coming to this lake and their Grandparent's cottage for years and her parents had just purchased their own place on the lake this past November. It was absolutely beautiful and truly a time to relax and enjoy each other's company.  David & Lindsey are expecting their 1st child in November and our boys can hardly wait to have another cousin, the first on this side of the family. Boy or girl? We shall see!! We are so excited!

We had a great time talking with David & Lindsey. She is looking so cute and pregnant. I got home and realized we did not take one single photo of them, I am so sorry! You'll just have to take my word for it. Thank you guys for inviting us up and for taking the time to be with us! We love you!

 The boys enjoying the lake view from the boat
 Ready for our 1st boat ride of the day, Aiden took a little nap :)
 After walking up, Aiden was ready to take the boat around by himself
David became Captain of the ship shortly thereafter and never really wanted to give it back. Here brothers are working together so the adults can enjoy another lap around the lake.

 Ready again!
 David  & Daddy enjoyed riding the jet ski around the lake too. David actually drove it and boy did that make his Mama nervous when it was my turn to be passenger, but he did great!
Bring her on in Aiden!
 We were able to stay at the cottage for 2 nights. The first day the water was so rough, but the 2nd was much calmer so when we took our last trip around the lake, with David driving of course, Mommy even fell asleep for a bit, it was nice.
 Enjoying the view
 Our sweet boys
 Hi Aiden!
 Aiden & Daddy just relaxing
 Last boat ride
 Calm water means another nap for Aiden :)
Uncle David was so sweet with David, teaching him how to drive the boat so we could all be safe and have fun!
Thanks again Uncle David & Aunt Lindsey!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Movie Night & Sleep Over w/Mama

Last night the boys and I popped some popcorn and snuggled together upstairs to watch Toy Story 2. Aiden's favorite part was eating the popcorn from his own little bowl. He got bored with watching the movie though and decided that throwing trucks and cars was more fun. Afterward, David and I snuggled up to some Tea with Michelle Duggar and had a sleepover on the pullout sofa. It was a precious time. These are the moments that a Mama will never forget...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trip to Michigan Part 4- Liam's 1st Birthday Party

Can you believe it? We aren't even halfway through our vacation yet? :)

Tuesday morning, the 24th, we headed back to the Stockers' cottage to set up for Liam's birthday party. It was going to be a super fun-filled day! Uncle Brad's brothers and their families along with some other friends were able to come to celebrate Liam turning 1 (for the 2nd time) His birthday was in June, but we were so excited to be able to have a party with him when we were all together!!

 Setting up for fun, cute giraffe pinata and goodie bags
 A special seat for the birthday boy!
 Pin the tail on the giraffe.
 Yummy birthday cake. What a cute theme Jamie!
 Liam and his Daddy & Mama, ready for some party fun
 Cuteness all around!
 This picture literally makes me laugh out loud everytime I look at it. It is so completely random and everyone is doing something different in it that I couldn't help but post it. We have conversations going on, Miss bossy pants pointing out instructions, grown men looking completely lost or confused (or both); and all kinds of goofiness.
 The creation of a giraffe's tail. Good work kiddos!
 Waiting for instructions for the next relay race game.
 Another funny, random picture of us eating.
 David showing one of the creatures the kids were able to catch (and release). This baby turtle was adorable. I even wanted to keep him.
 1 of the 12 (yes 12) frogs that were found and placed in a bucket for inspection :)
 Party Time!
 Liam's turn pinning the tail on the giraffe
 "Look what I did Daddy!"
 David's turn
 Great job sweetheart!
 The final product!
 Liam and his cousins take another look at the turtle
 Now it's time for business-operation kill the giraffe to get candy
 Aiden's turn. (He napped for 4 hours that day and missed almost the whole party, but he saved some energy to contribute to the pinata)
 David's turn
 I love that his tongue is sticking out in each of these pictures.
 Do you think Michael Jordan sticks his tongue out will hitting a pinata??
 Now it's time to get serious, help me get this candy out Daddy!
 Yay Liam!
 "Happy Birthday to you!!"
 My sweet nephew, Happy 1st Birthday Liam, we love you! XOXO
 Liam and all of his cousins. What a special time we all had together
 Time to relax and take a ride.
 Cooling off after the birthday party fun
 David & Daddy taking the jet ski for a spin.
 Aiden's 1st jet ski ride
 He was a bit nervous at first, but Daddy took it real slow. By the end Aiden was bouncing up & down with excitement and each little bump.
 One last ride in the paddle boat.
 David loves his cousin. One more hug before we have to say goodbye.
Kisses for cousins!

We had such a great time with Brad, Jamie, & Liam. I am so glad we were able to celebrate his birthday with our whole family. We can't wait to see you all again soon. We love you!