Thursday, June 7, 2012

May Adventures

I got a little behind on my blogging these last few weeks so here is just a little recap of all that we have been up to...

The day after we picked our strawberries we made our very first homemade jam. David was my super duper big helper. That day he learned how to "hull" a strawberry.

 David was also excited that Mommy said he was old enough to learn how to use a little knife. Here he is very proud of himself.
 After the jam was made, we had a jam & toast snack. It was approved by all.
 For our first canning experience we learned a lot, though I must say we enjoyed ourselves and did a fine job! We had enough jam to fill 12 small jars and the remainder went in a large jar we had left over that we have been eating from almost every day, yum yum!

 This is what crazy nap hair looks like for Aiden....those blonde curls go everywhere! :)

As mentioned many times before, and as anyone who knows Aiden can confirm, this little man is quite the adventurous one. We were made some homemade pizza one night and he insisted that he see what was going on up on top.
 Should I be concerned???
 Look out Mama!

The pizza that we were experimenting with that day was courtesy of our dear friend Keri. I was browsing her blog and saw these recipes. She has links to them on her blog. I had some cauliflower so I thought I would try them out as a healthier alternative. I attempted the wings and they were yummy, but soggy, so I have to work on that one. The pizza however, was a huge hit! I didn't have any pizza sauce, so I decided to use BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese. It was great! Thanks Keri! We will definitely be having this again. As a matter of fact, I just bought some cauliflower specifically for pizza :)

 David & his pizza
 Aiden gobbled up his pizza too. Here he is showing off his "silly face" that David is teaching him. For those of you who remember when David was Aiden's age, our friends the Paynes & the Goodfellows girls taught David this silly face, which Aiden is now in the process of perfecting.

Memorial Day was a wonderful day of remembrance and fun. We got together with the Goodfellows and enjoyed many exciting adventures. Here is a link to there post. She has tons of great pictures and videos from the day. 
 On our way to pick some blueberries!
 Aiden says "hi" and thank you Kylie for helping him pick
 Oooh yeah, I've done this before....
 Silly blueberry-faced boy
 David enjoyed picking blueberries with his friends, but then found that throwing them at each other was even more fun :)
 This is just one blueberry bush. I know it may take a few years to get this big, but I have determined that all I need is one bush and eventually we'll have nice, juicy blueberries every year. We shall see...

After blueberry picking it was off to the nature walk near the Goodfellows home. There we ate some pizza and enjoyed some fishing. As the pictures show on the Goodfellows blog, Kylie wins the fishing award of the day! We had so much fun together!
 Enjoying lunch on the dock
 "CHEEESE!" Aiden likes pizza too
 The slats in the dock were the perfect size for Aiden to peek through and Mommy to not have to worry one bit.

Back at the end of March we ordered some bunk beds for the boys. Our original intent was to wait until Aiden turned 2, but I got a great deal and couldn't pass it up. The last day in May guess what finally arrived????
 Clearing out space for the bunk beds
 What are the odds of having a Tropical Storm the day you have furniture being delivered to your house? Our backyard flooded as usual, but stayed plenty far from the house. It was really coming down!!!
 They're here!!!

We even bought the boys brand new matching bedding, how exciting!
 Though Aiden is not quite ready to sleep in a big boy bed, he is still very excited about the bunk beds arriving.
These boys are so sweet, aren't they?? How fun it is to watch them grow up together!

 Just before bedtime Aiden wanted to help Mommy with some last minute work around the house. He is learning early how to be a big helper like his brother :)

I can hardly believe it is June already! This year is going by way too fast. I hope you all have a great weekend!!

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  1. I absolutely love the much fun going on at home! I love to see all the smiles and joy in the boys' faces. Miss you all a ton! Can't wait to see you next. Love, Daddy