Friday, May 11, 2012

In Case You Were Wondering....

Earlier on in our academic school year, David & I studied The Amazing World of Animals. A fantastic science curriculum through Answers In Genesis He learned all about different Species and Classifications of Animals. I personally had forgotten how to tell the difference between centipedes & millipedes, but my wise 5-year-old was so kind to remind me that one was flat and the other round. He was absolutely correct. So...what do have we here? Yes, a centipede and this particular one came from the lovely area of the desert in the southwest of the good ole USA. He apparently hitched a ride with Jim when he came home, unbeknown to him. As I said in our earlier post, thankfully he was dead. This guy is a carnivore and though humans are not his favorite meal, he sure would have given us a hefty bite. Now you can all say that you have learned something new today.

                                                             So what IS the difference?

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