Friday, May 18, 2012

Will We Stand for TRUTH?

The Vision Forum is a ministry that is dear to our family. We have met Mr. Doug Phillips and know his heart is one after God's. He, his family, and those who support this ministry desire nothing more than Truth to reign and God to be glorified in our lives. We support them and their efforts to preserve the sanctity of God's design for marriage and wanted to post this article to express that. The Vision Forum under attack . As it states in the article, the battle is not yet over, but we as Christians have a responsibility and I pray we don't take that lightly. Our children and the generations to come are depending on us. Let us pray and fight the good fight together!

Our Week Part 4 - Strawberry Picking

Tuesday morning came and it was a pretty hot day, probable thunderstorms later on in the day. We have been talking about going strawberry picking and have wanted to go for the past 3 years and always the time came and went and we missed the season. Well, not this year I decided. Kind of on a whim, the boys and I just said, "Let's go!" So we hoped in the van and drove to  Pollocksville to pay a visit to Parker Farm. The clouds were rolling in, but we thought we'd take a chance and I am so glad that we did. Not only did we just miss the rain, but the boys had an absolute blast picking (and eating) the strawberries, and we picked up a bunch of other fresh grown veggies. It was so much fun!

 The ladies at the farm were so sweet. I wasn't exactly sure how Aiden would do, but they gave him his own little basket to pick. At first he just held it and stared at us, but then as he watch David he quickly learned what he was suppose to be doing...
 David was super excited about picking strawberries and did an awesome job of picking the perfectly ripe ones, and showing Aiden how to do the same. the berries go in the basket
 and then in the big basket...
 and then we pick more, now I got it! He was simply adorable!
 David was becoming a professional and having a blast
 and then Aiden learned the best secret in strawberry picking...eating them!!
 Having fun and filling up the basket
 Our sweet strawberry boys
 and back to work, eating that is.
 Always looking for an educational moment, David said, "Mommy look at these beautiful flowers, what are they?" And so we learned about the development of a strawberry. Who says homeschool is no fun?
 David wanted to demonstrate the four different stages we saw. Isn't God's design amazing? And delicious!
 Completely covered in strawberries and full of lifelong memories together. Aiden puts the strawberry in strawberry blonde, literally. He was a mess!
Our final picking was about 7lbs of strawberries, but at $0.49/lb you can't go wrong. The next day we purchased some jars and made our first batch of strawberry jam, but I will save that for another blog post.

In another note, May 15th was also my sister's birthday. We cannot wait to see her and her family when we all visit Michigan in the summer. "Happy Birthday Aunme Jamie!! We love you!"

Our Week in Review Part 3 - Boys

 Silly Billys in hats
 Goofey Boys!
 Like Big Brother, Like Little Brother
 Brother music time

Perhaps one day this will be added to family worship time. :)

Our Week Part 2 - Union Point Park

Our friends, the Houghtons, met up with us downtown and after they had their turn looking at all the old cars, we decided to walk down to Union Point Park. There are always tons of seagulls, ducks, and pigeons to feed. Dylan, their oldest told me that he had found a bunch of shark teeth in the gravel when his class was downtown for a field trip, and sure enough it wasn't 20 minutes and we had a pile of ones we'd found. Aiden stayed in his stroller for a bit, but then he couldn't take it any longer either, he wanted out so he could explore. Now David was he was a toddler, he could not stand the way the sand felt on his hands or feet. If we ever went to the beach we'd have to lay a towel down just so none would touch him. Aiden, well, Aiden is his own character. Not only did he LOVE the sand, but he eventually was digging his hands and feet into it, splashing water and mud, and throwing it and rubbing it all into his hair. (Now that is what I call sandy blonde) haha I know so funny...

 Baby Ducklings are always cute!
 Searching for shark teeth
 David & CJ found a dead crab.
 Aiden learning the cause & effect of pacis in the sand
 David, king of the tree
 More sand exploration
 and moving onto mud
 Posing for a quick picture
and silly face time! 
 Falling off the log
 David & Kylee with one more silly face moment
 Afterwards we walked back to the Cow Cafe for a nice cool treat. CJ & David won the messiest eater awards that day, though Kylee was a close 2nd.
 and Aiden too. YUMMY!

We had a great afternoon with great friends!

Our Week Part 1 - Car Show

I took lots of pictures this past week of all kinds of things that we did so I am going to break up the blog posts individually so there isn't 30 pictures on one post. I hope you enjoy!!

First stop was after Upward Soccer last Saturday we headed downtown to see the last hour or so of the car show. I honestly don't know much about cars, but they can be fun to look at especially on a perfectly beautiful Saturday afternoon. Who doesn't LOVE walking around downtown New Bern on that kind of day? The first car we saw was from 1912, looks pretty great for being 100 years old! David stopped and smiled at all the cars that he liked so now you can see his preferences. Most of the cars he had recognized from movies or he simply thought they looked cool.

Friday, May 11, 2012

In Case You Were Wondering....

Earlier on in our academic school year, David & I studied The Amazing World of Animals. A fantastic science curriculum through Answers In Genesis He learned all about different Species and Classifications of Animals. I personally had forgotten how to tell the difference between centipedes & millipedes, but my wise 5-year-old was so kind to remind me that one was flat and the other round. He was absolutely correct. So...what do have we here? Yes, a centipede and this particular one came from the lovely area of the desert in the southwest of the good ole USA. He apparently hitched a ride with Jim when he came home, unbeknown to him. As I said in our earlier post, thankfully he was dead. This guy is a carnivore and though humans are not his favorite meal, he sure would have given us a hefty bite. Now you can all say that you have learned something new today.

                                                             So what IS the difference?

Our Time with Daddy

The last week of April the boys and I were anxiously awaiting Jim's return from his "long work trip" for WTI. Thankfully we had a few fun things lined up to look forward the days prior to his arrival. We attended the Sesame Street Live on base as a surprise for the boys. David had seen them while we lived in Quantico when he was only 3, this was Aiden's first time and he definitely had the "deer in the headlights" look on his face. To be honest we don't watch TV anymore and I am not even sure that Aiden has ever even seen Sesame Street, hmmm. Well we had fun nonetheless...
On Tuesday evening, May 1st Jim arrived home. The boys and I drove on base so I could show David a surprise. That coming weekend was the 2012 Cherry Point Air Show, so lucky for me there were tons of aircraft parked all over the flightline so I asked David if he'd like to go look at some planes. The "problem" was we couldn't get through the turnstile so I told David to look for someone who was coming out and we'd ask them to let us in. Meanwhile Jim texted me and said he was coming down to meet us. I saw him coming from a distance and try to distract David while looking at some parked motorcycles. Just as Jim walked through the turnstile, David yelled, "Hey Mommy look someone is coming out, maybe they can let us in!" So I said, "Ok, let's go see." David started running over when all of a sudden he realized who the person was and literally screamed with excitement, "DADDY!!!!" He jumped into Jim's arms as Aiden and I caught up and it was the sweetest reunion ever! David had a smile from ear to ear, but has precious tears of joy streaming down his cheeks. As I hugged Jim and got my hello kiss, Aiden, who had his paci in his mouth, proceeded to take it out, and pucker up towards Jim saying, "MMMMM" and gave Jim a big fat kiss too! Then put his paci back in him mouth and reach out for his Daddy. So sweet!! I don't think Jim could have been happier!
The last week and a half has been filled with TONS of Daddy time and we are so grateful for it. Now he's headed off again for another "long work trip," Of course we are praying that God will see fit to bring him back home sooner rather than later...We love you Daddy!

 David modeling his new Aviator shade at a pizza joint
 Elmo and his friends
 Sesame Street Live
 David enjoying his Elmo light up toy
 Aiden loved learning how to make it light up and spin!
 Elmo and his military friend
 Aiden getting a little bit brave and moving closer to the action

 Daddy brought this nasty bug home from Arizona, thankfully he was dead, but eww he was gross.

The 2012 Cherry Point Airshow
 Checking out the big trucks
 and the big guns!!
 Aiden's turn

 David testing out his piloting skills in a CH-53 

 Aiden was so excited that his brother bought him his very own Blue Angel jet.
 Aiden checking out the cockpit
 Peeking over the side to say "Hi!" to Mommy & Aiden

Our friends the Houghtons and the Goodfellows joined us for the Blue Angels portion of the airshow and boy oh boy did we have a blast with them! Melissa took tons of pictures that I am sure she will blog about soon so stay tuned to their site. Afterwards we had dinner at El Cerro, NOT El Cerro Grande right Melissa? :) It was an extremely hot & sweaty day, but we had a great time with great friends!

We have been promising David that we would have a camp out or slumber party for some time now, and Wednesday evening after church, Jim, David & I headed upstairs to watch The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and have a slumber part on the pullout couch. We stayed up late eating popcorn, chips and salsa, and just enjoying being together. Next time Jim plans on setting up our tent in the backyard which will one day lead to us taking the boys real camping, yay!
 Sweet guys all tuckered out...zzzz

Thursday morning we headed to Baker's Kitchen for breakfast and then stopped at the toy store to play and then also the park. It was an absolutely beautiful day!
 Silly boys checking out the bouncey horsies!

Sweet Aiden getting a ride on the swings

That night Daddy hooked up some old video games and Aiden, though his controller was not even plugged into the system, wanted to play and fly jets just like his big brother. He also insisted on sitting with David in the little chair, it was too cute!

 Being silly
 Say "CHEESE" Aiden!
 My most favorite guys! XOXO

That day the boys gave me my Mother's Day surprise when they took me to get my nails done. They were so patient and waited for me to be pampered. I am thankful to be their Mommy/Wife. I couldn't be more blessed! Thank you boys! I love you!
Mommy's pretty fingers & toes

We also got a huge wall clock to go in our living room above our TV cabinet. Technically this may not have been a Mother's Day gift, but I am counting it as one because I love it so much and Jim was so sweet to hang it for me even though it wasn't the easier thing to do. The pictures don't give it justice, it looks great!! Also we picked out cabinets to put in our laundry room which I am SUPER DUPER excited about. I am counting that towards Mother's Day too since I have really been wanting these. I will post pictures of before and after as we get them. It is going to take about 2-3 weeks for them to come in and be installed, yay for pretty organization!!

 Our new wall clock
Thank you my precious guys!