Saturday, April 14, 2012

David's 1st Soccer Game 2012

(Just for the record, David is watching me type this and as I was putting the Title he was reading the words as I typed and he said, "David ssss "one" "sss tu") Phonics is great!)

Back to the actual post...

Because his first official game was cancelled due to rain and last weekend was Easter, this morning was David's first Upward Soccer game of 2012. His team is the "Little Red Raiders," and yes I do realize that they are not red, oh well.

To sum in up in a few short words, our boy did awesome!! It is so much fun watching David learn the skills and drills of sports. He has improved so much since last season and I was so proud of how hard he worked today. He did his best and he was great!! I even heard a parent comment, "That dude is awesome!" I wanted to say, "that 'dude' is my son!" He was running hard and working tough! He made his team 4 goals!!

I wish I had gotten better pictures, but I was also keeping time for subs, keeping track of subs, and designating their "achievement stars" while being a Mama. That's okay I won't ever forget how proud I am of my big boy! Way to go D!

 Go Little Red Raiders!
 Taking it to the goal!
 This is what I call the full body's in!
 Ready on defense
 Ready to steal the ball!
Gotta love the concentration going on in his face :)

Way to go David! What fun we had today!

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  1. Good job D! You play awesome like your dad!