Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Week in Review...

Saturday morning upon returning from our trip to Florida, David had his 2nd Upward Soccer game of the year.It was another beautiful day and I couldn't have been prouder of our boy. David scored 2 goals this game and had tons of fun with his teammates!
 You have to look close, but he is celebrating his goal! Yay!
 Aiden enjoying the game & getting ready for his Cheetos snack Mama let him have later.
 Action shot
 David & his friend Sam whom he met last year during soccer. We love this little boy & his family.
 Later that day we headed to a birthday party for some friends, here Aiden is sporting one of the party hats.
 He really LOVES pickles!
 Aiden's 1st time sitting and coloring. He did do some speckling with the crayons, but mostly wanted to eat them.
 David bought a new pair of shades and we both thought he looked like a real aviator with them so he had to put on his flight suit and pose as he "got ready for work"
 During David's soccer practices, Aiden & I like to play on the sidelines. He is really getting good as kicking the ball around
 He's got the tongue concentration thing going on too :)
 Having some seriously sweet brother time.
 Aiden is getting good at giving nice kisses.
 "I love my brother"
 Hot Spring days require a popsicle treat for dessert, and what better place than in the bathtub!
We hope you all have a great weekend!!

February Family Fun (A visit from the Stockers & Papa Kino)

In February, during the Presidents' Day weekend, my sister, Brad & Liam as well as my dad all flew out here to NC for a much needed visit. Our boys and I were super exited to get to be able to spend some time together with family, especially since that last time we were able to do so, Liam was just a few days old!! Now he is creeping closer and closer to turning 1 in June!! Plus, because of Jim's crazy work schedule he had not even met Liam yet so it was a much needed time to play catch up. We had tons and tons of fun together. We watched basketball, played with toys, visited Baker's Kitchen, did some bouncey house jumps, attempted a bath with all 3 boys, went downtown and much much more. Uncle Brad was so sweet to take lots of pictures with their really nice camera so we have some great ones to share! So this post is a few months late, but still worth the wait!! Here are some of my favorite pictures of our time together!
 Liam on his way across the country to see his Auntie! (That's me!)
 Liam & Aiden loved getting to know each other again. Sharing some cars...
 Taking rides around the house on the cars & trains
 David LOVES his cousin time
 Aiden thinks he is so big, even though he is not even quite 6 months older than Liam
 Matching cousins enjoying some Baker's Kitchen. French toast anyone??
 Posing in the fudge shop downtown
 Getting a picture where everyone is looking AND smiling is almost impossible. This was the closest we got...
 Silly faces, but happy memories!
 The Daddies & boys
 Sweet brothers XOXO
 The infamous "no pooping" sign.
 Bouncey house with "Auntme" Jamie
 Matching cousins having fun
 My sweet nephew, who couldn't love that precious face? MUAH!
 Liam was not too happy to share the bathtub with my boys, they are too loud for him I think. Well, at least we tried right Jamie? :)
 We bought the boys matching sweatshirts, aren't they the cutest cousins?
At the airport, trying out the little bear rocking chairs. David was beyond sad to see our family leave. We all had such a wonderful time and can hardly wait until we see each other again. July can't get here fast enough!! We love you Uncle Brad, Auntme Jamie, Liam and Papa Kino!! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trip to Florida-Surprise Gramma Taylor!

For the last couple of weeks Jim's dad & I have been planning a trip for the boys & I to head down to Florida to surprise Jim's mom for her birthday. This past Tuesday super duper early, the boys and I boarded a plane and headed on down...We had a wonderful visit the last few days and we definitely surprised her! Happy Birthday Gramma!
Lots of time was spend in their pool and just hanging out enjoying the weather and the company. Thursday afternoon we headed to Everglades City to take an airboat ride to see some wild alligators, wow what a fun experience! Thank you Grandpa & Gramma for such a great visit!

 David was the designated ball boy every time Aiden threw them into the water, which was often.
 Tuesday, April 17th, Jim and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary. My dear sweet husband surprised me and there were flowers and a precious letter from him waiting for me at his parents house when we arrived. Aren't they beautiful!? I love you babe!
 Playing outside all day everyday means some great sleep at night. Both boys slept hard each night! This was Aiden having some breakfast one morning, he looks so big sitting on the booster seat at the table.
 Sleepy boy
 Say "cheese"
 Enjoying a big boy breakfast.
 Enjoying one of his most favorite games: making baskets

 catching some sun :)
 Back to basketball and watching big brother

 What a cutie!

 and back to hanging out with Mama and relaxing...

 The boys waiting patiently for our airboat ride.
 Aiden & Mommy ready for our ride
 David sat up front with Gramma & Grandpa
 This hilarious pelican was our airboat captain's little sidekick. He was not in the least bit afraid of us and just followed us around and walked around the boat waiting for us to feed him. Sorry birdie.
 A neat little black crab within the mangrove trees.
 He did great on the ride; ready to go fast!!
 Then we turned a corner and THIS is who we saw!!
 and he headed straight for our boat!
 and gave us quite a view! ah! 2,000lbs of power! Phew!
 Our captain brought a little snack for Mr. Alligator and it worked...he came right up to us. What a memory!!
 Heading back into the mangroves for some rest.
 The trees were so amazing to look at, it was like tunnels had been carved through the trees and water just perfectly for us to just barely make it can't really tell in this picture, but we were cruisin'!
 Back at the dock with the pelicans
 More proof of Aiden's lack of fear, ready to pet the 2 year old alligator
 At least his mouth was rubberbanded shut, no touch Aiden!
 David was so excited that we got to see AND hold alligators on this trip!
 I was so proud of him, our brave boy!
 Snuggle time with Grandpa...
 and then attack and be silly with Grandpa time.

Thank you again Grandpa & Gramma!! We love you!