Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Family Fun

Jim has been awfully busy with work trips lately, a little VA here and some AZ there, perhaps some Atlantic Ocean later on this having this past Monday off from work was a huge blessing for our family, just to BE together for a few hours. My sweet husband, after a quick trip to Lowes, suggested that we take the boys to Kidsville, I don't know why but I was hesitant at first, probably just hungry or something (no comment Gary or Melissa ) :) So we headed on over and seriously, not to even overexaggerate, but we had a blast. Poor Aiden was in dire need of a nap, but he pushed through and thoroughly enjoyed his time on the swing and being lugged around by either Mommy or Daddy; whomever was not chasing David around at that moment. Afterwards, we stopped and picked up a "Hot & Ready" for myself & the boys as Jim had a board meeting at the church. We were maybe at the park for 1 hour maybe an hour and a half, but to each one of us it was pure JOY! Memories in the making...
Swing me higher brother!!

 Our precious gifts from God!

Mommy & David at the bottom of the tire tunnel

Daddy & Aiden enjoying Kidsville

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