Monday, January 30, 2012


Having my mom here to help with Aiden's birthday party was so wonderful. We not only got lots and lots of things done, we were able to spend MANY hours just hanging out together talking. We talked and talked and talked pretty much about everything, it was great! We stayed up way too late 2 of the nights she was here. Friday night (really Saturday morning) we didn't finish our work for the party until 6am! Phew and then last night, after evening service and Teen Drop-In we stayed up and talked until 4:30am when she had to leave to get to the airport to make her 6am flight home!! Needless to say we were moving quite slowly here this morning. Well I was, the boys were their usual chipper selves :) Aiden & I decided to try a french toast recipe for breakfast that I've really been wanting to try and wow! David woke up a couple hours later and was able to enjoy some too, as I type this (at 4:22pm) he is asking me to make some more for a snack :) Later on Aiden was being his sneaky self and I caught him discovering our soda stash....

 Me & my Mama after church last night. We had such a wonderful time together these last few days. I am SO super duper thankful for her! I love you Mom!
 This is a Pioneer Woman recipe (surprise, surprise) for French Toast I didn't make the berry butter, but have definite plans to try some very soon. I cut the recipe in half and didn't really measure anything exactly, but it turned out great. In the words of BOZ the Bear , "Woweey Bozowee!" Seriously this was beyond delicious!
 Peek a boo Aiden, I SEE you!!!
and to answer your question, no we do not give our 1 year old soda :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Aiden!

Aiden turned one year old on Wednesday, the 25th. Wow has this year flown by fast. Little man had his 1 yr well check on Thursday, he weighed 21lbs & 6 oz and was 31 inches long (something like that). Somewhere in the 95% for height, I think he will pass his big brother one of these days! My Mom traveled from MI to spend a few days with us to celebrate Aiden's birthday and help with his party this afternoon. We had an absolutely wonderful CIRCUS themed party. Thank you to all of our friends who were able to come and celebrate with us. We hope all of you who were unable to make it feel better soon, there sure are lots of people sick, poor things...Happy 1st Birthday our precious boy, you are a joy and such a sweet boy with quite the "passionate" personality. We love you!!!

Good Morning Birthday Boy!

 Enjoying some breakfast before his party begins, and scoping out the Circus Tent Birthday Cake

 The family tradition continues...A picture with his outfit as the "Ring Master" complete with top hat & the party Pinata.
 The Ring Master and his Lion :)
 1st Birthday Cake, it was completely made from scratch & 8 layers of rainbow deliciousness! A new family tradition begins
 First dibs on the pinata attack! He was laughing hysterically.
 Micah, David, & KK posing as the Circus Crew
 Becoming a professional present opener, with the help of big brother of course!
 A handmade blankey from Kylie, awwww, he LOVES it!
Playing with his new car ramp tower with David.

What a blessed year we have had with you precious Aiden. We look forward to MANY MANY more! XOXOXO May God keep your heart tender and your spirit sweet!
Love, Daddy, Mommy, & David

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Family Fun

Jim has been awfully busy with work trips lately, a little VA here and some AZ there, perhaps some Atlantic Ocean later on this having this past Monday off from work was a huge blessing for our family, just to BE together for a few hours. My sweet husband, after a quick trip to Lowes, suggested that we take the boys to Kidsville, I don't know why but I was hesitant at first, probably just hungry or something (no comment Gary or Melissa ) :) So we headed on over and seriously, not to even overexaggerate, but we had a blast. Poor Aiden was in dire need of a nap, but he pushed through and thoroughly enjoyed his time on the swing and being lugged around by either Mommy or Daddy; whomever was not chasing David around at that moment. Afterwards, we stopped and picked up a "Hot & Ready" for myself & the boys as Jim had a board meeting at the church. We were maybe at the park for 1 hour maybe an hour and a half, but to each one of us it was pure JOY! Memories in the making...
Swing me higher brother!!

 Our precious gifts from God!

Mommy & David at the bottom of the tire tunnel

Daddy & Aiden enjoying Kidsville

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Growin' Up

Aiden just picked up a doggie puzzle piece and said, "woo, woo"...I cannot believe he will be "1" next week!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

WCTI Field Trip

This past Wednesday the homeschool group we are a part of, Firm Foundations, took a field trip to one of our local TV stations. I had heard that this was not one to be missed. I think I was more excited to go than David was, that all changed though when we got to experience the "green screen." Our friends the Goodfellows took some great pictures and blogged all about it. Melissa did such a great job that I am simply going to link to her post about it...right here. Enjoy!

Adventures in Homemade Goodies!

Last Friday I spent hours preparing the dough to make these Cinnamon Rolls by Pioneer Woman. Saturday morning I was super exciting to bake some fresh for breakfast. WARNING: if you follow her recipe completely you will make enough dough for 7ish round baking pan of rolls! I just prepared the dough and froze it for the next time we want these delicious treats (like everyday)....So...I had forgotten that it was men's fellowship breakfast that day, so off Jim & David went to Golden Corral. Aiden & I however did enjoy the very first thing I have ever made with yeast, crazy I know. They are serious so delicious. The only thing I did differently from her recipe was use 2% milk instead of whole. I LOVE THESE CINNAMON ROLLS!
 Fresh out of the oven!

 Now, THIS is breakfast...

okay, after first bite,  you will NEED this to drink as well! Enjoy!

 This evening I didn't know what to make for dinner so I browsed The Pioneer Woman Cooks and type in "ground beef" and this is what we made for dinner- Pasta alla Marlboro Man. Once I scrolled down to the end of the recipe and saw the one for the homemade garlic bread, I just had to try that too. I didn't have any french bread, but I has some yeast rolls in the freezer that worked perfectly for dinner for my little boys & I. I must say this Garlic Cheese Bread is going on MY favorites list. David & Aiden loved it too!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Micah!

Today is exactly 2 months after David's birthday and wouldn't you know it, today is one of his bestest buddy's 5th birthday. I remember almost 5 years ago when we were at the Coghills' house enjoying some sweet fellowship before Jim left for his very first deployment to Iraq. Kristie & I laid our newborn boys on the floor next to each other to play..."won't it be fun to watch them grow up together?" we thought... and here we are 5 whole years later and yet is seems like just yesterday...our boys couldn't possibly be better friends. God led us away from New Bern and He has brought us back and for a little boy named David & his best bud Micah, things just couldn't get any better....
Happy 5th Birthday Micah! We love you!

 Micah (1 month old) & David (3 months old)
 Almost exactly a year later in Feb 2008. This was on a Wednesday evening when Kristie & I unknowingly dressed our boys the same :)
 David was chasing Micah trying to hold his hand because I wanted to take a picture of the two of them!
 At first Micah was less than thrilled...
 but then he smiled for the camera...buddies then....
 and buddies now, 5 years old!

Next is their little brothers. Aiden & Matthew are ALMOST exactly 2 months apart. If Aiden would have been born on his 1st due date they would have shared that in common with their big brothers, but we still are encouraging this friendship to be like the big boys :)

Aiden (11 months) & Matthew (9 months)

How BLESSED we are indeed!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

December Goals Recap & January 2012 Goals...

I think I lost track of everything this past month, it being so busy and all, but I will try to recall if I was a successful...

December Goals

1. Make bed every weekday Not a complete success but I agree with Keri that it should apply to the last person out of the bed, just saying ;)
2. Daily Bible study every day & memorize 4 more verses, 1/2 FAIL, I didn't work on my memorization.
3. Keep coupons organized SUCCESS
4. Balance & KEEP balanced finances weekly SUCCESS
5. Create a dinner menu Getting there, officially a FAIL though, part of my 2012 goals
6. Go on a date with my man SUCCESS, we went out on a date in FL while his parents watch the boys. The time together was priceless, the place we went should have been, it wasn't the greatest food ever, actually aside from the salad it was pretty yucky...oh well, the company was FABULOUS!
7. Spend a special 1st Christmas with our family of 4 (Yay for Aiden on the outside this year!) Easy SUCCESS!
8. Keep our bedroom "heavenly" (no pets, no clutter, etc) Aside from making the bed everyday, SUCCESS! Even more plans for it this year. We got brand new beautiful bedding that will NEVER have an animal hair on it :) It is so soft and snuggly too! and by the way for those who have asked, I think I may have read somewhere about a "heavenly" bedroom, but I have been thinking about it a lot lately as to WHAT a master bedroom should be, that's what sparked my thinking...
9. Keep stairs to bonus room clean SUCCESS
10. Create a weekly schedule to start in 2012 Kind of a SUCCESS, I am still trying to figure it all out, but it is in a trial run period. YAY!

Okay, I guess I did better than I on to January

January 2012 Goals

1. Celebrate Aiden's 1st Birthday with "A Day at the Circus!"-I can't believe he is going to be one!
2. Go on a date with Jim (he has quite the busy month, so I hope to snag an alone night with him)
3. Organize filing cabinet & possibly purchase another to STAY organized and not all cramped
4. Organize attic space
5. Start back up homeschooling David & get on schedule again
6. Read to my boys everyday.
7. Become a prepared Soul-Winner!
8. Clean out the van
9. Continue to develop "new" weekly schedule
10. Do some scrapbooking in Aiden's album

I have a list of my 2012 yearly goals that I will post just to help keep myself more accountable. Some are kind of personal, but I will share anyway.

My 2012 Yearly Goals:

Read through the entire Bible
Have quiet Bible time EVERYday.
Develop a weekly routine
Organize & Create a Menu
Develop a monthly menu
Develop an organized way to keep track of homeschooling
Organize filing cabinet
Keep coupons organized
Keep budget updated
Be sure to do tithing envelopes each payday week
Pay off van
Read to my boys everyday
Read the Bible to my boys each weekday
Walk dogs regularly
Exercise regularly
Brush/bath dogs regularly
Start an ironing routine
Create an ongoing prayer list
Create specific prayer lists for Jim, David, & Aiden
Continue to develop Awana  program for the better
Take piano lessons regularly
Be better about remembering birthdays & holidays with family
Keep in better touch with my in-laws
Fit scrapbooking into a monthly schedule