Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another fun & busy day

On October 4th we went downtown to the New Bern Historical Society for a homeschool field trip to hear some history on the Tuscarora Indian tribe. It was a whole afternoon of information and fun. We learned things like what types of homes and foods they made as well as their music and traditions. We were also able to see some artifacts from our local area that were once used by the native tribe.

Afterwards, we picked up Aiden and the Wehrmans and headed to Goldsboro to see Melissa's Mama & Daddy's new restaurant Smiths Eagles Nest Diner for lunch. It is super duper yummy. We highly recommend it! When our tummies were filled we headed to the Wayne County Fair. It was a long and fun-filled day!

A lesson in Tuscarora history
Checking out some really neat artifacts, but really sick of hearing about millions of years and evolution...
Learning a song, that STILL gets stuck in our heads, "boom diddy yadda boom"
My favorite part; snack making time. This was a yummy honey and nut snack that we got to grind ourselves.
silly David's turn
This is a deer vertebrae (if I remember correctly) with an arrowhead stuck in it. Pretty neat.
 Checking out all the animals at the Wayne County Fair. This little guy was so cute.
This little guy is so cute too, I think I'll keep 'em :)
The whole farm. Checkout the look on our cow's face -silly Kristen
Sweet little Kylee girl working on the farm.
Learning how to milk a cow; sort of.
Aiden gives it a try

My camera doesn't take very good pictures in the dark, but this horse was trained to do tricks I have only seen dogs do. It was great! He is sitting on command in this picture.

Phew, tired of playing blog catch up yet? There is a lot more to come and I had better hurry because tomorrow is coming quickly~

Friday, December 28, 2012

Rain, Rain, Rain it's good to see you again!

 Just another homeschooling day. While Aiden napped David wanted to play outside in the pouring rain and what else can a Mama do but take pictures of her silly boy?
 Jumping in the huge puddles. Check out how hard it is coming down!
 It's raining Mommy!
 As if he isn't wet enough :)
 Silly boy
Oh what fun it is to play in the rain
and exhausting too. David & Mr. Russell snuggling up for a quick cat nap.

Festivals, Fun in the sun, and Fantatic Creationist

Aiden has officially moved out of the crib and into his big boy bed. I ordered the boys bunk beds months ago and in this picture I had just bought the bed rail so Aiden would be safe and snuggly. David has been enjoying sleeping both on the top and bottom bunk. These days most nights they snuggle together on the bottom bunk. They love each other so much; it is just too sweet. Here David was testing out the sleeping positions during an afternoon nap time.
 Sweet & Snuggly
 In September we joined the Goodfellows at the Jones County Heritage Festival and had a great time! Everyone dressed in their western apparel and headed to Trenton. Here is my little cowboy ready for the parade to begin
 cowgal and cowboy ready for candy! (Seriously I have never seen so much candy thrown in a parade as I did during this one, it was unreal!)
 Aiden's favorite a "whew, whew" aka anything with a siren
 loving the animals at the festival
 David learning how to do some of the chores children his age would have been in charge of doing. Getting the corn ready to feed the animals
 The Goodfellow girls and David were able to participate in their first mock goat show. They loved it so much that we did 3 more within the following months. At this one they learned some of the basics of what the judges will be looking for. 1) Always look at the judge & smile - Kristen had this one down! 2) Keep control of your goat 3) Don't block the goat from the judge and more. Here Kristen's goat decided to taste test David :)
 Learning the ropes of showing goats
 That rule about controlling your goat..yeah we had to work on that one. David's goat got his head stuck and David couldn't get it out, haha. (Don't worry he was okay, and so was the goat ;) )
 Lining up their goats and watching the judge, our children learn fast :)
 Aiden just watched the goat show, but he enjoyed pretending to be a cowboy in David's hat
 and Kristen's too. Check out those boots!
 Exploring a medic helicopter
 Aiden & Ky, Ky's turn
 We all had turns "driving" this horse. It was tons of fun and made our little cowboys & girls want one of their own.
 and us too ;)
 After our time at the festival we headed over to Brock's Mill and learned a ton about how it used to be operated. Afterwards we sat down near the water and had a devotion with the Goodfellows; it was a great day.
 Enjoying the last days of summer and playing in the pool in our backyard. We love having lunch outside whenever we can. Isn't homeschooling fun? Pool time and lunch break outside today?? Oh sure that fits in our schedule :)
 Two thumbs up Mommy!
 Aiden's version of thumbs up
 After lunch we played some more and Aiden thought it would be a good idea to ride his little toddler  bike down the steps of the deck. He learned that maybe Mommy knows what she is talking about when she says, "no Aiden don't do that." Poor baby got a few battle wounds, but was proud to show them off.
 Another fun and exhausting day, zzzzzz
One evening we headed to Jacksonville to meet Eric Hovind, part of Creation Today It was great meeting a Biblical Creationist and learning more about the awesomeness of our God, THE Creator.
 Mr. Eric was such a nice guy and was so sweet with all the children. He scooped David right up for this picture.
 The Goodfellows with Eric Hovind
Us & Eric Hovind.
We highly recommend the resources made available through this ministry. It was such a blessing and encouragement meeting and listening to Mr. Eric. Thanks Goodfellows for inviting us!

Homeschool Days @ Pine Knoll Shores Aquarium

My boys LOVE the aquarium, so when they had their annual Homeschool Days at Pine Knoll Shores we packed our lunches and headed their early this time (last year we got there too late to purchase tickets to the bird show and we didn't want to miss it again). We met up with the Goodfellows and the Manns. There were a couple additions since the last time we visited. The highlight was the penguins who were going to be leaving later that month so it was great to see them showing off their cute little selves.
 David hanging out with the penguins
 whoa turtle!
 "Do you think he is a good brusher Mama?"
 Ever since we found the shell of a horseshoe crab in Florida a couple years ago, David has loved these little critters. Up until this day he had not built up enough courage to touch a live one. Good job buddy!
 Aiden got a shell
 It isn't a day at the aquarium without a smiling boy in a hermit crab :)
 This was Aiden's favorite game.
 Petting a young sea turtle
 The bird show! It was really good, but not many of my pictures turned out. The owl & the pelican were definitely our favorites.
 Way to go D!
 Back to say hello to the hermit crab one more time.
 The newest addition to the aquarium exhibits-the albino sea turtle sweet Nimbus! He was so cute!
 You know you've had a busy day when you fall asleep midway through your snack.
On our way home, we pulled over to check out the beach for a few minutes, which turned into a couple more and a few more :) It was a great evening to jump around in the waves. David and the girls loved the water. Aiden however was not a fan at all of the water. He literally ran away from it. I am not sure if it was because it was so noisy or what, but he preferred to play in the sand, silly boy.
 Getting used to the water
 and the waves
and covered in sand!
Thankfully the Goodfellows had some extra clothes so the boys could go out to dinner comfortably. It was such a fun day!