Friday, December 16, 2011

Marbles Children's Museum Field Trip

Last Friday we went with NBCA on their first field trip to the Marbles Children's Museum in Raleigh and it was a blast! I think us parents has as much fun with each other on the drive up as the kids did at the museum. We give it 2 thumbs up! It was the coolest place for a kid ever! David and Aiden both could play for hours and hours and still have more to see and explore. We definitely have to take Daddy and go back again soon and make a day of it! Thanks to my friend Bethany for taking so many great pictures!
Playing Hockey!

 and soccer! (all those Upwards practices show!)
 They were trying to reach NC
 David and some buddies, Brandon & Christopher making a splash!
 Aiden was loving being able to explore too. Check out this giant chess board.
 Our riding buddies. David bought this stuffed snake, which he named John. Brandon bought sticky mustaches and insisted on being called "Mario" Carson was so sweet with these boys the whole trip. We love you!
Hooray for being IN a picture for a change. Me and my big boy! 

Growing Up Fast!

I can hardly believe our little boy will be 1 year old next month! He sure seems to have "grown up" so quickly already! He isn't walking just yet, but he loves to push David around the house on Lightning McQueen. Today we had Kylie & Kristen over for a few hours and Aiden showed off his skills by giving her a ride around the house too.
 Get on board!
 Where to next Kristen??

With all this growing up, Aiden has been tasting all kinds of new foods too. He pretty much loves everything which is a huge blessing I know. The other day he was trying real oatmeal for breakfast and do you think he enjoyed it??

Apparently he took the "you are what you eat" saying literally!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Friedlein Family Fun Weekend

Aiden has just recently started to really love reading books with us. His most favorite one is "First 100 Words." It is so sweet to see him looking at the pictures and listening as we point (or he points) things out. He especially loves the pictures of animals & other babies.
 "What's that Daddy?"
 "and that?"
 "Teach me Daddy"

This afternoon we headed to base for Jim's squadron Christmas party. Gunny Claus "flew" in on a C-130 and passed out ornaments and stuffed animals to all of the kids. We saw him last year for the first time at Jim's previous squadron. We had fun, eating great food, hanging out with friends, and watching the kiddos play.
 Here comes Gunny Claus!
 Having fun with Daddy
 My guys XOXO!
 Our family with Mr. Gunny Claus

After the party, we picked up Kylie & Kristen and headed downtown for the Christmas parade. We found a nice cozy (and sunny) spot to stay warm.
 Friends, ready for fun
 There was quite a delay for the parade to come our way, but the kids found plenty of ways to have fun.
 Yay! Parade!
 This was our favorite float, hahaha, it was the craziest thing ever!

Later on this evening, I was doing the dishes and Aiden decided he wanted to lend a hand....or his whole body, what a silly boy
 I suppose he knew he needed a bath, right?
He was having a great time playing with the spoon in the dishwasher :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

December Goals

November Goals:

1. Exercise & shower every weekday before the boys wake up.  I would say a complete FAIL. I didn't technically "exercise" even one day...I did wake up before the boys most days, grrr. I need some serious motivation on this one.2. Make bed every day. Sort of, I do want to make my bed every single day, but it just didn't happen this past month.3. Do daily Bible study & memorize 4 verses. Not a complete PASS, I didn't do study every day, but I did memorize my verses. I MUST do better with this.
4. Brush the dogs once a week FAIL I think I brushed Bailey 2, maybe 3 times.
5. Clean stairs to bonus room (don't allow stuff to clutter on them) I started off great with this, I put everything in its place, vacuumed and steam cleaned the stairs that same week I posted these, but about a week and a half ago, things started collecting again...
6. Have an amazing 5 year old "aircraft carrier" birthday party! COMPLETE SUCCESS! We had a blast and even more importantly David did too! (Not to be a "Debbie Downer," but I still have thank yous to pass out)
7. Finish the mulch in front yard COMPLETE SUCCESS, but I can't take credit for this one, Jim did it all the Friday before David's birthday party and it looks amazing! Great job honey!
8. Keep finances balanced.Just like keeping the stairs clean I did great with this for the first 2-3 weeks, but as of today, I've got some work to catch up on, boo me.
9. Keep coupons organized and filed. Not a complete SUCCESS, but as of TODAY they are all filed and organized. Tomorrow brings more :)
10. Go on a real date with my husband. Does the Marine Corps Ball count? :) We did have a great night, but I might call that a "required" date. We do need to go on a real one this month. We'll be visiting family for about a week, so yay for Grandparent babysitters! :)

Sooooo, let's try this again:

December Goals:

1. Make bed every weekday
2. Daily Bible study every day & memorize 4 more verses
3. Keep coupons organized
4. Balance & KEEP balanced finances weekly
5. Create a dinner menu
6. Go on a date with my man
7. Spend a special 1st Christmas with our family of 4 (Yay for Aiden on the outside this year!)
8. Keep our bedroom "heavenly" (no pets, no clutter, etc)
9. Keep stairs to bonus room clean
10. Create a weekly schedule to start in 2012