Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our little Explorer

Aiden's new love is for the little camo chair that we got for David from some friends a few years ago. It is the perfect size for him to sit and lounge in. He likes to climb in and out of it, look at books in it and just plain ole sit there and enjoy the view. He is such a sweet little boy. We feel like he grows up so much in just days, it is so much fun to watch him. He is one smiley little guy who has no fear (except for in bouncey houses).
 Getting comfortable
 Playing with his feet and gabbing all day long
 Observing the world around him.

This morning Aiden and I had some time alone together while David slept in so I followed him around with the camera as he explored and chatted with himself. He has been saying both "Mama" & "Dada" for some time now, but "Dada" has been the word of choice for the past several weeks. This morning however, I was delight to hear many a "Mamamamamama" :)
 I found you Aiden!
 "I found YOU Mama!" (and the camera strap)
 Our sweet blue eyed boy, with some pearly white chompers!
 He got stuck trying to fit his head in between the chair and the sofa. He kept on trying though! Silly billy!
 Ok, on to something new and exciting!
Check out those sweet curls! How we got a little one with those I'm not sure?? We'll just count it as a blessing! Happy Playing Aiden!

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  1. Must be that Aiden gets his curly hair from his Grandpa Friedlein!!!