Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Preacher" David

Our church just started a Christian school this year and twice a week they have Chapel Services for the kids where either our Pastor or Youth Pastor & Music Director sing some songs with the kids and then have a short devotion. I have been wanting to go with David for quite some time, and finally this morning we made it out there; with most of us out of our PJs. We sat in the back because I didn't know if Aiden was going to exercise his voice or not and joined in on the excitement. I loved the interaction between our Preacher and the kids. I think it really helps younger kids learn that "big" church is fun; learning about Jesus is exciting; and also how to sit still and listen to a message. We learned about how peace is one of the fruits we bear as a Christian, it was great. David enjoyed singing the songs and following along with the hand motions. We enjoyed it very much and will definitely be trying to make this part of our weekly routine...So when we got home I had some chores to do so David and Aiden were playing in the living room for a bit. Then I hear David get his guitar and he starts "playing Preacher" he's playing and singing Zacchaeus and He's Able. It doesn't get any better than that...I pray the Lord will use our boys in mighty ways for His glory! :) Their hearts are so tender and it is so fun to watch them grow! David told me the other day "When I grow up I want to be a Christian." We talked for a while about what that meant and it turned into one of the first real talks about salvation that we've had and I look forward to the day when God calls our boys into His family. I have a great video of David singing, hopefully I can size it right so it will upload.

Singing for the glory of God!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Homeschool is exciting!

 Learning about Ancient Egypt...Elmo became a mummy

Math can be fun...a numbers matching game...

"Shopping" at the Friedlein cents store with his pennies...

I am blessed!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our Weekend

 Leave it to MY "almost" 9 month old...this little man LOVES food. Like, really he loves it so much that I could place a bowl full of puffs in his pack n play and he won't throw it, dump it, etc, but will sit there contently and eat every single one. YUM.
 Chipmunk cheeks
 Yummy Puffs!
 Leave no puff left behind!
I love snack time!

This was our dinner last night Chicken Parmigiana All I have to say is that it made BOTH our favorites list; make that all 3 of us. David LOVED it too!

 Snackin' on some Cheerios while watching big brother play his last flag football game this morning
 Today David was able to take a turn as quarterback :)
 Football Buddies: Micah, David & Brandon
Watching big brother and all those kids run around is exhausting...time for a nap ZZzzzz.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Silly Aiden

 Why hello there!

I like to build towns with my brother...or just eat them.

See? I use THESE big teeth

And then it is time to just chill and relax...

 I'm so silly...

and cute as a button!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Couponers in Training...

Friedlein Family Recap

So here goes nothing...almost 3 whole months in review.... (sorry for the pictures that aren't upright, no matter what I do they won't work).

Jim Change of Command & back to flying KC-130Js- August 12th was Jim's Change of Command ceremony. It was a bittersweet time for him as he absolutely loved being the "mayor of Bogue" and the relationships with his Marines and the influence he was able to have. The exciting next adventure is back to the flying squadron and his MOS. He's been quite busy and doing lots of flying which he enjoys, but we are still getting used to the change. We know that God has a lot planned for us during this next assignment.
Air Operations Company Commander
The 2 weeks following, Jim had off so we took a quick family vacation to the Emerald Isle area where are dear friends the Smiths & Goodfellows allowed us to stay at their beach home and we had a wonderfully relaxing time as a family-a much needed break!
Aiden's 1st boat ride
David & Aiden enjoying the swings at the park down by the water.
Ahhhh...this is the life. 
David playing pirates while we watched the sun go down and some really beautiful cloud formations.

Having some much needed Daddy time. The series of these pictures was hilarious because of David's silly faces.

Hurricane Irene - The evening of August 26th we experienced our first real hurricane while living here in NC. It was pretty bad. Thankfully our worst damage was two large trees falling down on our fence & some branches scattered about. Many other people had it much worse. Some of our dear friends, the Goodfellows had major flooding damage to their home, their vehicles, and many of their belongings. Even now there are still many things to be done to "get back to normal" after the storm. We thank God for his protection through it all.

Our backyard after Irene...our fence is still under construction.

Upward Football- David has been playing flag football for our church's Upward league. He never ceases to amaze me with how much he is learning and growing. It has been a joy! This weekend is his last game of the season and if I can recall correctly, he has made 7 touchdowns in the last 5 games! I have an awesome video of one of them, but I can't figure out how to put it on the blog, so you'll just have to take my word for it. :)

Daddy & his boys after David's football game. I love my family!

Ready to run through the tunnel for another day of Upward Football!

David's #1 fan. Aiden loves watching all of the kids run around during football days. He just wishes Mommy would let him out of the stroller more :) I had to post this picture because it shows Aiden bottom two teeth. No more gummy smile!

Home School/Co-op- David officially started his first day of kindergarten on August 22nd. I can hardly believe our big boy is in kindergarten. We have had an amazing time though and I have LOVED every moment of our homeschooling. Our most recent "accomplishments;" David can read! A few 3 letter words that have the short vowel sounds in them. He LOVES math & science and we are enjoying being creative at the same time as learning as we make our Wall of Fame for The Mystery of HIStory. We also attend a weekly co-op where David is in a Contenders of the Faith class and a Lego class. It has been very fun & he looks forward to it each week.
 Homeschool Day at the NC Aquarium. We got to dissect a fish and learn about it's heart & liver!
David & one of his favorite kinds of fish-the Lion Fish. He says, "I looks like that so it can protect itself from being eaten." It true, it is.

 Checking out the huge tank area. I thought this picture, though dark, was really cool.
 Our little hermit crab. I have a picture of David posing in this from the last time we visited the aquarium several years ago, I need to find it and post it as a comparison.
 One of David's favorite parts of the aquarium
Aiden loves homeschool too (getting into the charts that is.) You've been caught boy!

Our water skipper science experiment. We made a whole family of them!

David has also taken a liking to helping me cook and bake. I think it is a great skill for a young boy to learn...he sees me wear my apron so he wanted to wear one too. Definitely a boy-he wanted to wear his handyman one from Lowes. :)

Last weekend was the annual Mum Fest here in New Bern and we saw this adorable handmade aprons and smocks. David really wanted the Diego one for helping Mommy cook in the kitchen. Here he is trying it out. Jim, you should be so proud! ;)

Aiden - Boy oh boy! He has grown up so much in the past few months, I don't even know where to begin. Next Tuesday he will be 9 months old! He is crawling (mostly on his hands & feet) and he can "walk" himself around furniture. Recently it is around the house behind Lightning McQueen. He has his 2 bottom teeth now and likes to try them out on Mommy :) He loves his big brother more each day and follows him around everywhere and David LOVES it! He sings along with David and bops his body up and down learning how to dance. He is quite the smiley boy and I think David & Jim can get the biggest smiles from him. Sleep is still not his favorite thing to do, but he has been staying in his crib throughout the night and not have to be transferred to the other room in the pack n play. (Last night was an exception; it was a rough one!) He does however eat absolutely everything and anything we give to him and likes it all. He is quite snuggley too and how can resist that???

Brotherly Love still rings true in our home. These shirts were a gift from Gma & Gpa Taylor. Thank you!

Sweet, Adorable Aiden

As a baby David did not like touching grass or sand. Aiden is the complete opposite. He LOVED playing in the grass, and eating some of course too. Aren't these boys just too cute?!

Another new favorite activity is bath time. Aiden loves it!

Checking out the football field grass and enjoying some freedom from the stroller

Sneaking a drink from Mommy's water bottle.

One afternoon I hear, "Mommy hurry come quickly!" I get to the boys bedroom and see that our little adventurer has crawled under David's bed and has stood up to get himself stuck in between the mattress and the bed frame. Obviously Aiden looks traumatized :) Nahhhh

Getting himself stuck seems to be a regular occurrence in our household. Aiden, our adventurer, our firecracker our sweet little rascal. XOXO

Even when he's not feeling so well he can melt your heart...
 Week of Sickness-Just a couple weeks ago our family got hit hard with all kinds of illnesses. It started with me, then hit Jim, then David and then Aiden. It 1 1/2 weeks time we had made 3 Urgent Care visits and 2 doctor's office visits. Some antibiotics for some, breathing treatment for another, and lost of rest and symptom soothers for all. Thank God for getting us through. We are almost back to complete health.

Phew, well I know that was a very long post. I am hoping that I can get back to blogging regularly and so maybe it won't take me 4 hours just to catch up! I hope you all enjoyed seeing some glimpses of our family's life. We continue to thank God for all our many blessings. Until next time....