Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friends Are Friends FOREVER

Dearest Payne Family, We thank God for bringing you into our lives. Words cannot even begin to describe how grateful we are. We love you so very much and will cherish our memories together forever! Thank you for every single moment. We'll pray for you as God takes you on your next big adventure!

David meeting Sam for the very first time, over 4 1/2 years ago...


Me & Taylor having fun on the metro in DC


Raqi & Jackie, two of David's most favorite people once again teaching him some serious silliness

Of course where does the silliness come from???

David was "raised" by the Goodfellow & Payne girls, He adores you all!

Friends Forever

Precious Family

Aiden loves tickles from Mr Mike's fuzzy kisses

Forever in our hearts...

You have always been so much more than just a friend to me Rosa, my prayer partner, my confidant, my sister in Christ. You have helped me become the woman I am today,as iron sharpening iron, and I am eternally grateful for your love for our Lord, for family, for friends, and of course fellowship too. :) Your example has taught me beyond measure. You are a one in a million. My forever friend...

1st Time Rollerskating

Saturday we went to Rollerland for our dear friends, Kayla & Kylie Goodfellows' birthday. This was David's first experience rollerskating. He was extremely excited. It was cute because it was obviously much more difficult for him than he had anticipated, but boy oh boy was he determined and by the end of the party he was able to skate without any help even just for a little bit. I LOVED rollerskating as a kid. I remember having my birthdays at our local rink in MI, so this was fun for Mommy too.
Ready to roll!

Getting a few tips from Daddy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Friedlein Family Recap

We have been so busy these last couple of months. I have tons of pictures and lots of adventures to blog about, but I don't think I could possibly catch up! So hear is our summer in review, so far...
Somethings never guys all napping on the couch

Mr. Russell has been a naughty boy. We tried leaving him & Bailey out while we are not home, but he decided that not even a plastic gate could conceal him. So now he is back in his kennel while we are out.

Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Luptons was once again a huge hit. David was a pro this year and found the grand prize egg which had a $1 bill inside!

Daddy gave us a tour of Bogue. He even has his very own off road vehicle!

Mayor of Bogue

Aiden has grown to LOVE baths

and David STILL does :)

The newest member of the Friedlein family...a Harley Davidson Sportster

I became an Auntie! Liam Hugh Stocker was born on June 14, 2011. David, Aiden and I flew out to meet their first cousin 

Meeting baby Liam in CA

Mama's family

"Auntme's" (as David calls her) sweet neighbor loaned this to David while we visited. Aiden even got a ride.

Aiden got a bath in the sink

Praise the Lord! David's eye is perfectly healthy which means no surgery!

My little helper & I have learned the art of extreme couponing

Brotherly love continues to flow in our home

Sheriff Woody himself attended Kristen Goodfellow's Toy Story themed 8th Birthday Party. Guess who else wants a Toy Story party???

Riding a double-decker carousel in the mall in CA

and a train engine too. Mr Conductor himself, David J

Cruisin' for a brusin' around Uncle Brad & Auntme Jamie's house

Aiden has singlehandedly flipped out of every single baby seat, swing, & bumbo. He was buckled into each one and yet somehow found his way into this position. The following day he was in the large baby swing and was pulling himself up to sit in it and David called me into the living room to see. Not 2 minutes later David is screaming, "MOMMY COME QUICKLY!" I turned the corner to find Aiden, still buckled in, but hanging upside down off the side of the swing!! Two feet straight up in the air and arms dangling to the floor!!! Then the next week all four of us were eating at the dining room table. Aiden was in the Bumbo on the table (yes I know bad bad idea) and had just been fed his cereal. I had stood up to start clearing the table and before I knew it Aiden was throwing his leg over and flipped himself out of the bumbo. Thankfully I caught him just as he landed on his noggin. Nice. He is definitely our little mover. He does not like to be still, oh what we have to look forward to when he starts to be mobile! :)

Aiden is going strong eating solid foods. He is an excellent eater! He may give a silly face at first bite, but then he will devore the rest. He loves food, just like Mama!

We scored big time on Abeka homeschool materials at a used book sale at a local church. I spent about $150 and saved more than 7 times that much! David has his phonics readers set through 5th grade. yay for savings galore!

My boy sure is growing up!

Congratualions Taylor on your highschool graduation!

Spending time with Papa Kino in CA

Aiden LOVES his Daddy!
What fun we have together

My precious guys again

We had to say good-bye to our dear friends the Manns who moved to Quantico earlier this month. We love you and miss you dearly Shane, Becky, Makayla & Carter! Move back soon!

The Goodfellows invited David to be in a 4th of July parade with them. He had a blast!

Happy Independance Day America!

4th of July family fun

Mama wanted in on the pictures too

After fireworks sparkler time

Aiden's first 4th of July

And here is our big boy, ready to start crawling!. He will get up on all fours by himself and rock back & forth. He can scoot backwards a little bit and knows how to move his legs forward but not his arms. He isn't even 6 months old yet, crazy boy! I think he will be crawling before he can fully sit up on his own. David didn't crawl until 10 months, but Aiden is just ready to go go go!

Phew I think that was a "quick" recap of what we've been up to the last few months. The rest of this year has a whole lot more in store for us, some good, some difficult. We thank you family & friends for your love and prayers for us as we continue our Friedlein Family Fun!