Thursday, March 31, 2011

Busy BEES!

So we are back from yet another busy, but fun-filled weekends. Aiden made his first airplane ride across the country to CA to visit Uncle Brad & Auntie Jamie for their baby shower as they await the arrival of baby Liam Hugh Stocker in June. We all had a wonderful time with our family and we miss them very much. Can't wait to see you and baby again in just a few months!
Sleepy, but excited Friedleins on our way to CA (running on just a few hours of sleep)

David quickly made friends with the kitty "cousins" Matty had a particular affection towards David as you can see the feeling was mutual. The boys slept together like this every night. :)

David had his first visit to an In N Out burger. This was only my 2nd time and it was even yummier than I remembered. David even ate all of his cheeseburger while styling his new hat.

This week back at home has been pretty slow, trying to readjust to East Coast time. Aiden tried out the bumbo for the first time and seemed to really like being able to sit up and "participate" in David's daily activities. Here he was contemplated putting his hand in his mouth :)

Footie PJs are David's favorite (what Mama can resist this cuteness!) Uncle Brad bought these airplane ones for Aiden and since David has some airplane ones too we had to capture a memory. Both boys love cuddling in their jammies.

Tonight is the 2nd night that Aiden will be sleeping in his crib in his & David's room. They will be sharing a room, and David was SO excited to finally have Aiden join him. Aiden did well last night sleeping from 12am-5am for a feeding and then back to bed until 8. Yay for being in his crib!
This is a picture of the boys sleeping tonight.
David fast asleep....zzzz

and Aiden fast asleep!

Sweet dreams our precious boys, now it's Mommy & Daddy's turn for some ZZZZZZZZZs!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Visits from Aunts & Uncles

Playing with the fun puppets with Uncle Brad downtown New Bern

Our little Marine in training showing off his skills

Visiting the C130 squadron

Out to dinner with Auntie Jamie & Uncle Brad

David doing his impressions of Tim Hawkins

Aiden's first Sunday Night at the Paynes. In case you are interested in knowing, David is pretending to be a T-rex.

Sweet Aiden making eye contact with Aunt Lindsey

Showing Aunt Lindsey his boyish grin haha :)

Spending quality time with their Uncle David.

We love visits from our family. David & Aiden sent hugs and high-fives to Auntie Jamie & Uncle Brad and Uncle David & Aunt Lindsey! Love you!

Where have all the Friedleins been??

Wow, have we been busy busy bees! This past few weeks have been filled with visitors and events. I have not been so good at taking pictures, but thankfully Jamie & Brad and David & Lindsey were much better. I have to download all their pictures on our computer and then I can get those up on the blog.

We have not had a weekend without something happening, it has been very exciting, phew!
We had my sister, Auntie Jamie & Uncle Brad visit from CA; the couples' retreat in Myrtle Beach, SC along with a quick visit with Emma, Greg, Hunter and new baby Kylee; Jim's brother, Uncle David & Aunt Lindsey visit from MI; and this past weekend we were in Greenville, SC for the South East Home School Convention and WOW was it amazing!!

This was our families first experience and this thing was HUGE! Jim and I both learned so much, not only about home schooling but even more about how awesome and true the Word of God is and how we can find answers to everything within it. We were able to hear Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis, Creation Museum); Doug Phillips (Vision Forum); Mark Hamby (LampLighter Ministries) and many many more share some amazing truths and insights about the Bible & families. We also saw Tim Hawkins on Friday evening and had many good laughs. The Exhibit Hall was beyond overwhelming, but we loved it. There were SO many ministries, curriculum, and much more on display for us to see and learn about. I have to say this was like revival for our family. We are filled, no overflowing with joy regarding homeschooling and all that we have learned and been challenged about regarding bringing up our family for the Lord. IT WAS AWESOME! Plus we got the chance to spend some wonderful time with our dear friends the Goodfellows!

Our fun and adventures don't end here though, we are preparing for our trip to CA to visit Auntie Jamie & Uncle Brad in CA to throw them a baby shower as they await the arrival of Liam Hugh Stocker in June! I am struggling to get over a terrible cold that conveniently hit me on our way home from SC. We have so much to do to get ready for our trip. This will be Aiden's first airplane ride and we are looking forward to seeing my mom & Uncle Brad's mom as well. What fun! Below are just some pictures of random things we have been up to.

Aiden is now 8 weeks old and is such a joy! He smiles for all of us and I especially love watching him smile at David. This past week he started cooing and continues to melt our hearts with his sweetness. A few things about him:
1. He really hates his car seat
2. He's not in love with the paci, but we continue to try
3. He's the quickest eater ever, but along with that has come spit up galore (no real complaints though)
4. He's sleeping 5-7 hours straight at night and I really think we are getting on a schedule.
5.He has the most adorable dimples I have ever seen!

What a sweet little guy :)

Daddy & Aiden enjoying some basketball. Hmm do you think Aiden looks like Jim?? :)

This was one afternoon when Aiden was napping in his crib. David put the monitor on his shorts and decided he wanted to be on Aiden duty. What a great big brother. A few things about David:
1. He is really the best big brother ever. He will protect Aiden from anyone (isn't that right Lily Kate?) :)
2. He has a heart of gold, overflowing with sweetness
3. Is a constant sponge for learning about absolutely EVERYTHING
4. Is Mommy's big helper. We've started a Job Chart where he earns magnetic stars for each job, each day of the week. Earnings 20 stars gets him $5 in which we are teaching him about tithing, saving, & spending.
5. He is excited about playing in Upward Soccer with Daddy as his coach.

At the home school convention, meeting Ken Ham. David's favorite dinosaur book was written by him, so we were sure to bring it so that we could get his autograph. What a blessing to hear him speak in person; a man after God's heart, full of knowledge and wisdom to share; amazing!