Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Friedlein Family Foto Shoot

New babies means new family pictures! Yay! Saturday we headed to Sears in Greenville to take some updated photos of our "new" family. The last time we did so was when David was 2 1/2 so it was definitely about time. We tried to time everything just right and boy did it work out great! David did his individuals first and what a little model he was! Then we did a few group ones and finished off with individuals of Aiden. We fed him while David took his individuals so not only was he content, but he was WIDE awake. I was just hoping for non-crying pictures, but he was awesome too! Here are just a few of my personal favorites. There are lots more, but first I need to free up some more space in our blog albums. Enjoy!
My oh my how he has grown :) Our Sweet 4-year-old

Precious Aiden Michael 2 1/2 weeks old. When we placed him down for the picture David said, "Mommy, he looks like baby Jesus!" :)

Me & my all time favorite man XO

David & Mommy

Our gift from God


Such a ham

David is a VERY proud big brother. Aiden seems happy to be the little brother too

Precious, sweetheart

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life with 2

Confession: Life with 2 kids is much harder than I ever anticipated!

We have been working on getting back on a schedule and routine around here in the Friedlein home, but that is afar off I must admit :) I have absolutely NOTHING to complain about, both David & Aiden are doing great! David is such an awesome big brother and has nothing but LOVE and KISSES for his baby brother. He asked me the other day, "Mommy can we keep Aiden forever?" and throughout the day I hear, "I love my baby brother, I'm so glad he is born" David is the sweetest ever!
Aiden is a great eater, and getting better each day (by not falling asleep while feeding). He sleeps well at night and is a great pooper! :) I know, I know you should be proud haha. Last night he slept 4 hours straight!! He looks just like David was he was a newborn, the only obvious difference so far is that Aiden has a dimple in his chin like Mommy. He is such a cuddler, who wouldn't want to hold him all day long and not do anything around the house? ME of course.

And that is where my lack of schedule comes in. If I shower before the afternoon comes, it's a miracle. Washing laundry has become an all day, everyday affair. I cannot possibly catch up on household chores just yet, but I must say we are getting lots of loving and snuggling in with both David and Aiden. So the difficulty is not with my beautiful children, it is with me. I am still learning how to balance everything and it may take me longer than I thought, but alas we will get there, Lord willing.

David has been enjoying his special times at church with Cubbies and we recently joined a homeschool co-op that he absolutely LOVES. He takes an Art class and a class called ABC I Believe (which David has made up a song about, surprise surprise). Our Preschool lessons at home have not picked back up yet, but we will soon.

We were blessed to have Jim home for almost 1 1/2 weeks even though there are major events happening with his company at work. He has been a huge help to me and David has loved spending all the extra time with Daddy. Between all that is going on at home, at work, and our commitments at church it is no wonder we are so busy, but we thank God for our blessings and for the patience and endurance to keep moving forward.

David at his sleepover with the Goodfellows- oh how he loves you!

So sweet- Kristen & David peeking in on Aiden

Snug as a bug, GOING HOME!

Home with baby boy #2

First bath. Aiden wasn't too thrilled with his first bath at home until he was snuggled up in his towel. I told him not to worry, he'll have more fun when he is big enough to play and take a bath with his big brother.

Sweet Brotherly Love

Aiden is a great sleeper, but I can't sleep because I stay awake at night staring at my beautiful child.

Lord, oh how you have blessed us!

Daddy & Aiden. Love at first sight, again.