Monday, December 13, 2010

Prayers for David

Well I suppose I can at the very least blog about what has been happening around here even if I can't post any pictures. (still trying to decide WHAT to do).

     Today I had to take David to the Pediatrician because he had what looked like a little skin tag underneath his right eye lid that suddenly last night turned into a rather unsightly "growth" looking thing. I first noticed it last Thursday and now I regret not taking him in right away. How is a mom to know when it is "just a scratch" or something that needs more immediate attention? I feel like a horrible Mommy sometimes, thank you God for grace...anyway. So I brought him in and the Pediatrician really had no idea what she was looking at so she immediately got on the phone and got us a referral to an optometrist for 2 hours later. So David and I went home for lunch and then headed out again.
      Basically David has an infection in his eye and his body tried to fight it off on it's own causing a little "mass" to grow into what the doctor is calling a pyogenic granuloma. She said the good news is that his body pretty much fought off the infection, but the unfortunate part is that it "caused" this granuloma and she says it will not go away on it's own; it will have to be removed. And how does one remove a pyogenic granuloma from a 4-year-old boy's eyelid you ask?? Well surgery of course. : (
      Because of his age and the likelihood that he wouldn't stay still while it was being cut out (I wouldn't blame him), he will have to be under sedation as an outpatient surgery. I know it isn't a huge deal, but the thought of my precious boy being practically lifeless and under sedation really makes this Mama nervous. Please pray for him and for me :) At the moment the Optometrist's office is trying to work out whom we will see and when he can be seen because right now the soonest their referred doc can get him in is March!! Plus he is in Wilmington (about 1 1/2-2 hours away), so we also appreciate prayer regarding getting this taken care of for him sooner. Thank God it doesn't hurt or itch him, but I feel absolutely awful for this little guy! We do have some antibiotic drops that he thinks is fun and grown up to get so that's good.
And how did this happen you ask? According to the Dr. and this I just HAVE to agree with her on, 4 year-old boys who play outside and roll around and "be boys" are going to get dirt in their eyes and sometimes that dirt doesn't get flushed out and can ever-so-perfectly get in a nice spot to cause an infection and wouldn't you know it? I have one of those 4-year-old boys who loves to roll around on the ground and play outside ALL day long! We got a special eye lid wash to use when he's been outside playing for a long time that the Dr thinks will help him too. Good grief huh?
Note to all Mommies out there: If there is EVER anything "unusual" about your child's eye get them to see the doc asap, so hopefully infections can be caught sooner. I learned my lesson the hard way.

Anyway, he is doing just fine and we're taking care of that infection now, we'll keep ya'll updated when we know more regarding surgery to remove it. Hope you are all staying warm, it sure is cold for NC around here!


  1. Oh poor David! I will be praying for him and the whole appointment thing! Love you guys!

  2. I don't blame you one bit for wanting to see a doctor as soon as possible BUT we see that doctor in Wilmington (Dr. Johnson) and he is WONDERFUL! Lily had surgery with him earlier this year and it all went really well. Dr. Johnson has a TON of experience which is very comforting when he's going to be cutting your baby's eyeballs- although I know it doesn't take away all of the worry! One thing that I remember was so comforting though was that he was very confident without being arrogant. That meant so much.
    The Surgcare place was also great. They do a really great job with kids.
    Again, I don't blame you for wanting to get it done sooner but everytime we make that long drive to Wilmington I wonder "Is driving all this way really worth it?" and everytime when I leave the office I think "Yes. Definitely worth it." Jesse agrees.

  3. Poor David! It is never easy when a little one has to have surgery. I will add you all to the prayer list.

  4. Thanks Ladies! I appreciate all the prayers, so far so good. The antibiotic drops have been helping a lot and his eye looks way better, Lord willing it will "go away" on it's own, otherwise we are still waiting for confirmation, but looks like March would be it. I appreciate your insight Christy!