Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our Family's Month in Review Part 1

The Friedlein Family is back! Thank God for my awesome husband who is willing and able to show me how to make our pictures smaller and save some space so we can continue blogging! Phew it has been so long I don't even know where to begin. As we anxiously await the arrival of Aiden in just about 3 weeks (WOW) I will try to update ya'll on all the other things we've been up to here in NC...
"Hey howdy hey!" Our little Woody!

The newest addition to our family...a Honda Odyssey. After much prayer, saving our money, and "working" with the dealership, the week of Thanksgiving we brought this new "baby" home and we absolutely love it already. Aiden's car seat base is in and ready to go. David LOVES the 3rd row and has recently learned not only how to open the side door and push back the 2nd row seat to get it, but he can even buckle himself in and out of his car seat. What a big boy and also very helpful, with great timing! Way to go buddy!

David & his buddy from VA. On Thanksgiving morning we headed down to Camp Lejeune to visit some friends who were in town for the holiday weekend and we were able to join in on their family's annual Turkey Bowl Football Game. We all had a wonderful time and the boys were so cute as they tried to keep up with the big guys and wow did a lot of people show up for this game! We sure enjoy time with our dear friends Sean, Kirby, Shane & Kyla!

Flag Football teammates. Daddy was amazing with his interceptions and touchdowns!

Huddlin' up with the yellow team

Our guys

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours! Look at the amazing turkey that Jim made, yum, yum, & yum.

Cutting up some deliciousness

David pointing to all the food we've whipped up together.

At the beginning of Dec, my dad made a quick trip down to see us. David had a great time hanging out with Papa Kino and taking him downtown to show him the toy store and of course Baker's Square.

David one afternoon after playing for hours in the backyard with Bailey.

Our 1st "snow" in NC warranted getting all bundled up in the snowsuit so David could go out and enjoy it with Daddy.

This is our first snow!

This was what the "snow" turned into only about 20 minutes later, a bunch of wet and soggy, slushy water, BUT David still had a great time.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Paternity Leave Prayer Requests

Today I had my 36 week OB appointment and I measured exactly 36 weeks, go figure :) I was not super excited about the doctor I saw, but Lord willing whomever delivers this baby boy in the next few weeks will be wonderful. I still have my "Mommy intuition" that makes me think I'll have him sooner than my due date, but only God knows and daily I have to remind myself to be excited and content about that.

To get to my post title, we do need some prayer regarding the time that Jim is suppose to get off whenever I do have this little guy. Today he came home from work to tell me that the Marine who would be filling in for Jim while he is on Paternity Leave informed him today that his son & daughter-in-law are expecting a baby on January 26th, just 3 days after my original due date. Now how can both Jim and this other Marine be on leave at the same time you ask? Well they pretty much cannot, so the prayer request is that these babies are born far enough apart so that both Jim and this other guy can take leave and enjoy time with their growing families. As far as we are concerned Aiden can be born anytime after Jan 1st, so Lord willing Jim will be able to spend as much time with us as possible when we finally get to meet our 2nd baby boy "on the outside."

I did take a picture of my monster-sized belly today and I'm working on sizing down all these pictures so I can once again put pictures on our blog, so I am sorry I cannot share that with ya'll right now. I will say though that Aiden is growing bigger everyday, is as active as ever to the point of causing me actually pain, he feels lower and all that good stuff too. 4 weeks and counting...

Friday, December 17, 2010

Week in Review

These past few weeks have been packed with "busyness!" From Christmas parties, to Christmas Cantatas, Doc appts to visitors, we are just cruising through December! I am thankful for all that we are blessed to be a part of this side of heaven.

Tuesday we had our Maternity Open House at the hospital where Aiden is going to be born. It is great because both Jim and David could go. After a brief information presentation and some refreshments (what pregnancy woman doesn't like those) we took a tour of the OB area: L&D, the nursery, and the recovery rooms. Over the last few years we've actually been there quite often to see our friends' children come into the world, but how much more excited we were after seeing all again as we await this baby's arrival! Jim and I left a bit giddy and it made things seem so "real" and close. I think it was good for David to see everything too so that at least he can remember things looking familiar when he comes to visit us at the hospital to see his baby brother.

Since then I've had another OB appt and measured 36 weeks, which is really only about 6 days "bigger" than what this office is calling my due date. They are sticking with the January 19th date compared to the January 23rd date I was given in VA. Either way we are pretty much on back on schedule with about 5 weeks to go. I'm still going on my hunch to say he'll come a little early, but I'm definitely wanting him to hold off until after Christmas and New Years. Speaking of which, please keep our dear friends The Ronks in your prayers. Keri is due with their 2nd little girl January 21st, but has recently developed an infection in her intestines that is potentially going to mean that her little baby will have to be born much sooner, possibly in the next couple of days. We know they are all being protected in the Lord's hands, but as always all prayers are welcome! You can keep updated on her and baby Claire on their blog too.

In the meantime while we wait for our boy to enter this world, I have started my "completion" of preparations for him too. I think we pretty much have all that we'll need at least in the first few days of him being home. I stopped at the store and picked up a handful of baby necessities this week and David & I finished putting his crib all together (the blankets, etc, not the actual crib, no worries). David said, "Mommy it looks beautiful" I think he is right :) We've got plenty of clean clothes, diapers, and those types of things. The car seat is all ready to be put in the car and I'm working on what I want to bring to the hospital and beginning to get that together. The only thing I still really want to figure out is some kind of matching "Big Brother" "Little Brother" take home outfits, but I can't seem to find anything that I like....any suggestions??

Now we wait and enjoy the coming of Christmas and celebrating the joy of the birth of our Lord & Savior as we wait for our little miracle to arrive soon.

Thank you for all the prayers for David. His eye is looking much better from the antibiotic drops. We keep waiting and praying about that as well. He's a trooper!

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Prayers for David

Well I suppose I can at the very least blog about what has been happening around here even if I can't post any pictures. (still trying to decide WHAT to do).

     Today I had to take David to the Pediatrician because he had what looked like a little skin tag underneath his right eye lid that suddenly last night turned into a rather unsightly "growth" looking thing. I first noticed it last Thursday and now I regret not taking him in right away. How is a mom to know when it is "just a scratch" or something that needs more immediate attention? I feel like a horrible Mommy sometimes, thank you God for grace...anyway. So I brought him in and the Pediatrician really had no idea what she was looking at so she immediately got on the phone and got us a referral to an optometrist for 2 hours later. So David and I went home for lunch and then headed out again.
      Basically David has an infection in his eye and his body tried to fight it off on it's own causing a little "mass" to grow into what the doctor is calling a pyogenic granuloma. She said the good news is that his body pretty much fought off the infection, but the unfortunate part is that it "caused" this granuloma and she says it will not go away on it's own; it will have to be removed. And how does one remove a pyogenic granuloma from a 4-year-old boy's eyelid you ask?? Well surgery of course. : (
      Because of his age and the likelihood that he wouldn't stay still while it was being cut out (I wouldn't blame him), he will have to be under sedation as an outpatient surgery. I know it isn't a huge deal, but the thought of my precious boy being practically lifeless and under sedation really makes this Mama nervous. Please pray for him and for me :) At the moment the Optometrist's office is trying to work out whom we will see and when he can be seen because right now the soonest their referred doc can get him in is March!! Plus he is in Wilmington (about 1 1/2-2 hours away), so we also appreciate prayer regarding getting this taken care of for him sooner. Thank God it doesn't hurt or itch him, but I feel absolutely awful for this little guy! We do have some antibiotic drops that he thinks is fun and grown up to get so that's good.
And how did this happen you ask? According to the Dr. and this I just HAVE to agree with her on, 4 year-old boys who play outside and roll around and "be boys" are going to get dirt in their eyes and sometimes that dirt doesn't get flushed out and can ever-so-perfectly get in a nice spot to cause an infection and wouldn't you know it? I have one of those 4-year-old boys who loves to roll around on the ground and play outside ALL day long! We got a special eye lid wash to use when he's been outside playing for a long time that the Dr thinks will help him too. Good grief huh?
Note to all Mommies out there: If there is EVER anything "unusual" about your child's eye get them to see the doc asap, so hopefully infections can be caught sooner. I learned my lesson the hard way.

Anyway, he is doing just fine and we're taking care of that infection now, we'll keep ya'll updated when we know more regarding surgery to remove it. Hope you are all staying warm, it sure is cold for NC around here!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh Blogger How You Dislike Me!

Well, I have figured out the memory issue with my photos and videos on blogger (thank you Keri). For some reason all of my pictures and videos are huge in computer memory terms, so I have indeed filled my entire 1 GB free memory space in just over 1 year of blogging. : (

So now we have to figure out WHAT we are going to do about it. I do not want to delete previous blog posts, pictures or videos, but in order to make this easier, I may have to do that and then moving forward I can resize things when I post them in a blog. Hopefully Jim, my technology savy husband, can help me with this because it is definitely not my forte. I'm frustrated, but at least we know what the problem is.

Now once we get that all figured out I can bring ya'll up-to-date on all the fun we've been up to here in NC. I've got lots of great pictures to post, but you'll have to stay in suspense, at least for now.....


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Someone Please Explain This To Me

I have lots of random things I don't understand and I am going to list two, completely unrelated things, and we'll see if anyone reading can help me out :) Thank you very much!

FIRST: I know I have been slacking on my blog updates, that is not by choice. I tried uploading a few pictures the week of Thanksgiving, but blogger said my memory was full. Any ideas on how I can fix this without purchasing more memory or having to delete previous pictures & posts???

SECOND: Pregnancy update: I went in for my bi monthly appointment on Monday and was thinking I was 32 weeks & 2 days. Two weeks ago when I went in for my usual check up I was told that there was sugar in my urine, so they did a blood test to be sure I didn't have gestational diabetes. The test came back normal, thank God, and everything else was great. SO, Monday I had to do the urine test again and once again the nurse made it sound high because she actually asked me, "Are you diabetic?" and I said no and explained what had happened two weeks prior. Both times then they explained that because of the timing in which I ate breakfast and had my appointment, I was simply passing sugar from the food that I had eaten (I was told this is normal for pregnant women). SO...then I see the doctor and he says, "Everything looks great, you are a perfectly healthy pregnant woman, with a perfectly healthy baby. Everything looks right on schedule" I then asked about the sugar thing and he said, "Nope your sugar levels are perfectly normal" (Talk about confused!) THEN, I leave to check out of my appointment and while I am waiting my turn, I browse through my chart and see the page that measures your weeks gestation, weight, fundal measurement etc and I glance at all the weeks recordings. Everything matches up fairly well until I looked at that day's information. Written was that I was 32 weeks, 6 days (now I know 4 days doesn't make a huge deal to some, but does that then CHANGE my due date?) and then when I read the fundal measurement it said 35 weeks!!!! Now tell me how is that "right on schedule???" that is 3 weeks earlier than my due date?? Talk about confused, so now I am going to see what happens at my next appt in 2 more weeks and ask some serious questions. So, should I start packing that hospital bag or simply count on a monstrous-sized baby!?!?!
You be the judge :)