Friday, October 29, 2010

28 weeks with baby Aiden Michael

With all the business of moving, we never received our 20 week anatomy ultrasound in VA. We had one scheduled, but it was cancelled because the Tech broke her ankle and they were not able to reschedule before we moved to NC. new OB here definitely wanted to have one done even though we are quite past the "time" to do that specific ultrasound. Today I went in to have it done and I also had to do the glucose and iron test. Everything went great with both-we passed with flying colors. :)
The ultrasound tech was awesome. She was super sweet and we had a great conversation, because she is also a Mommy of two boys, age 2 & 4 years. She spent lots of time checking out all of Aiden's organs and explaining to me all that she was looking at. Aiden was very cooperative and confirmed multiple times to us that he is indeed a boy. She said his estimated weight was 2lb 14 oz, so she said with a "margin of error" I can say I am now carrying a 3lb baby boy. I can hardly believe he is that "big." She was also able to actually see a few hairs on his head. That was crazy to me, plus it just makes me wonder more and more what he is going to look like since David didn't have any hair until after he turned one year. Exciting news is that he is already head down and face down and she explained that he 'should" stay that way so he should be set to be born in just 12 more weeks. Everything measured great in the 53% and so the due date is still fairly accurate, she said sometime mid January. I have this feeling he'll be born a day or a few before January 23rd, but that's just me :) The Lord knows and we'll wait for that timing ever so patiently.
This will be the last time we "see" this little guy before he is born, now that is crazy to think about! Until then, our sweet baby boy... 
 I love this one. I can just stare at his precious little face and imagine what it will be like when I hold him in my arms.
 Profile shots are always precious too
 The ultrasound tech asked if Daddy was really tall because she said Aiden's feet are pretty long, but mostly likely he'll just have big feet like his Mama. Oh how we long to kiss those teeny toes!
This one shows that indeed he does have some hair, we shall see how much :)

2nd Day of Basketball

Last night, David had his second session of Smart Start Basketball. I'm telling you, David LOVES it! I love watching him and Jim interact and learn from each other, it is the sweetest thing. Already David has learned and improved so much. I think we have a real athlete on our hands :) Praise God for the time we get to spend with our children.
Shuffling, learning how to play defence. Once again, I love the look on David's face as he looks at his Daddy

 Practicing correct form some more
 Concentrating on his form
 Ready to make a basket
 Practicing ball handling. David's little arms trying to pass it around his stomach.
 David and some of his teammates lining up for racing drills
 Then they had a relay race with the parents. Kids went first and then high-fived their parent whose turn was next. David is ready to GO!
 Then just to be silly and cheer them on, just the parents raced.
I LOVE David's cheering his Daddy on and he did so well, that Daddy did win! :)

Jim's Change of Command

Thursday morning, David & I headed to base for Jim's first Change of Command Ceremony. Jim will be the Company Commander of over 200 Marines. He is very excited about taking on this leadership position and the honor, privilege and responsibility it entails. David and I were proud to be there to support our number one man :)
Just a few of the men and women Jim will be leading
The ceremonial passing of the company flag to the new commanding officer.
Jim's first chance at speaking to his Marines.
I love this picture of David. The look of pride and excitement in his face is precious. I was presented with flowers and David was presented with a toy helicopter. He was very eager to show his Daddy. Being patient and waiting until everyone did their speeches was tough work :) When it was Jim's turn to address the Marines, David pointed and yelled, "that's my Daddy!" It was so sweet.
Proud Marine Corps Family
God truly has blessed us & we are thankful to Him.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Smart Start Basketball

Yesterday David had his first day of basketball through MCCS on base. We were really looking forward to getting him involved in sports outside of just playing at home. It is only a 3 week program where the kids meet twice a week, which I think is perfect. It really focuses on interaction between the child and parent, which again is GREAT. The Coach gives the instructions and we do stations and drills. David was so excited all day that every few hours (minutes really) he'd ask if it was time for basketball yet. Finally the time arrived and we met Daddy at the Cherry Tree House. Their "coach" is awesome and we all had a great time learning and practicing together. David is already asking when we get to go to basketball again. Thursday couldn't get here soon enough. Thankfully we have Awana tonight to look forward too. David loves Awana too!
 Dribbling Drills. The goal is to be able to dribble 5 times with your dominant hand and not "slap" the ball.
 Listening intently to Daddy's instructions and coaching
 Ok, what's next?
Daddy teaching David the correct form
David's turn
 David follows through with a swish!

At the end of practice everyone took turns shooting until the made a basketball in front of all the kids and parents. It was a great time to learn about cheering on your teammates. Then the night was ended with a huddle up.
"We love basketball!"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Someone Special is turning "4"

It is kind of hard to see in these pictures, but these are the finished product of David's 4th Birthday party invitations. Thankfully we were able to stick with the dinosaur theme and David is very excited about it. All party supplies and favors have been ordered and/or purchased. Invitations have finally been finished, now we just have to invite some of David's friends, then it is PARTY TIME! I can hardly believe he is going to be turning 4 already. My, my how quickly time has flown by!

(I think if you click on the picture you can get a larger view)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brownie Goody Bars

SUCCESS! Totally delicious AND I am excited because I am going to use this recipe for David's birthday cake. It will make the absolute perfect dinosaur landscape! Not to mention that it is absolutely YUM YUM YUMMY! Now we can't wait for Daddy to come home from work so he can test them out! You will find the recipe below:
 David enjoying some melted peanut butter and chocolate-two of the world's most delicious things
 This is what our end product looked like. The missing brownie in the top corner was from Jim who took it for lunch dessert this morning, before we had a chance to finish our creation, but no worries, there is still plenty to share
David with his piece and some milk to wash it down. Can you tell that he was excited to eat it? I was too!

Brownie Goody Bars
(adapted from Betty Crocker 'back of the box' recipe)

1 box Betty Crocker Original Supreme brownie mix (I'm sure any brownies would do)
Water, vegetable oil & eggs called for on box directions.

1 container of Vanilla frosting

about 1- 1/2 cups salted peanuts (the recipe says to finely chop them, but we just left them halved and it added a scrumptious crunch)-(You could also get away with not using peanuts if you do not prefer them, just skip this part)

2-3 cups of rice crispies cereal

1 cup of creamy peanut butter

1 bag of milk chocolate chocolate chips

Bake brownies according to box directions and cool completely. (Overnight probably works best, ours was 2 days :) )
Frost brownies with frosting. Sprinkle with peanuts and refrigerate.
Meanwhile, melt peanut butter and chocolate chips over low heat, stirring constantly. When completely melted & mixed add rice crispies cereal and stir until evenly coated.
Spread over frosted brownies.
Refrigerate for about 30 minutes until set. Cover & store in the refrigerator.

ENJOY with a HUGE glass of milk, you are going to need it!

School Days Have Begun, FINALLY!

Today was David's first official day of Preschool. I got up this morning and did my quiet time and felt God "gently" whispering, "What are you waiting for??" and I didn't have an answer. So, without further ado, today David helped me prepare all that we needed for this first lesson and I am so grateful to say that he actually really enjoyed it AND David surprised me with how smart he already is. I am a proud Mommy can you tell?
Here are some pictures of David doing two different projects or games as we like to call them. Then after lunch we finished up a dessert I have been dying to try and finally made the effort to do so. It is now cooling in the fridge and we'll post pictures and the recipe for that after we do our taste test.

 Painting Capital "A" & Lower Case "a"
 Playing search and circle the Capital "A" & Lower Case "a" We did a math one after that in which he REALLY surprised me with how much he already knows. He is great at numbers!

On Tuesday, we had our first official Skype experience. Jim's college roommate Manny, has a little boy named Simon who is 2 weeks older than David, and yet the boys have never met, so a first meeting was set up via Skype. It took David a minute to warm up to what he was suppose to be doing, but then the Daddies just sat back and watched as the boys met and talked to each other, it was great! Now, we look forward to setting up Skype accounts with all our family and friends across the world so we can keep in touch that way too!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2 Kids and Counting...

I just had to share this with everyone because I think my son is just too sweet and cute for words...
This morning at breakfast I was sharing with David about some friends of ours who are expecting another baby. He was super excited and said that he thinks they'll have a little boy (He seems to be good at guessing these things :) ) He said that his friend could be a big brother like him and I went on to explain that his friend already is a big brother to a little sister, but maybe God will give them a baby brother this time, we'll see. He then said, "Whoa that's crazy, that's a lot of kids!" Then he said, "I want to have a lot of family too." I said, "Really?" He responded, "Yes maybe we should ask God for a lot of family." and I said, "Yes, we'll have to ask God for more family." Then he said, "Yeah like 19 Kids and Counting, I want that many kids in my family." I said, "Really? 19 kids? That many?" and he said, "yeah, yeah, yeah." : )

Oh Lord thank YOU for this precious child you have given us! We look forward to raising another little boy for your glory and IF it is in YOUR will, please bless us with more children.

P.S.. 19 might not be what God has in His plans for us, but I will always say,

 "Lo children are a gift of God, the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man, so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them; they shall not be ashamed..."" Psalm 127: 3-5

Saturday, October 16, 2010

26 weeks and counting...

I have been absolutely horrible with taking weekly belly pictures this pregnancy. I have random pictures of myself throughout these past weeks, but not specifically of baby Aiden growing inside me. Well, finally here is one!
I am now 26 weeks, which I can hardly believe. This pregnancy has gone by so quickly and for that I am actually grateful. I am one of those gals who enjoys being pregnant, after those first 12 or so weeks of sickness that is, but like most Mommies I can't wait to hold this little guy in my arms, on the outside, as we say. I feel him moving, tumbling, punching and kicking me constantly. Without fail, if I sit or lay down, he immediately takes that as his cue to start on the move. It is kinda crazy to think that I still have 14 weeks of his almost violent movements! I love it though. I am constantly saying, "Jim, Jim feel it" or "look look at my belly!" David has gotten to see and feel his baby brother move too and he also likes to kiss my belly and say, "Hi baby Aiden, I love you!" David is going to be such an excellent big brother! I definitely started to show much sooner this time around than with David, but I feel like I've kind of "slowed down" with growth. I haven't compared pictures in a while from when I was pregnant with David, but I'm willing to bet that this little boy will be about the same size as his big brother.
Otherwise, I have feeling great and am settling into my new OB office here in New Bern. I have only met one of the OB GYNs, but he was wonderful and I am excited for all that is to come in the next few months. There is much coming up and lots to do, so I know Aiden Michael will be here before we know it! I thank God for this little guy and the precious family He has given to me...
26 weeks with Aiden Michael

A Day at the Farm

Today we headed out to Cove City for an absolutely beautiful "Day at the Farm" I took David to this same farm 2 years ago when he was almost 2 and Jim was deployed. He had a great time then and I just knew that now that he is a bit older AND Daddy is home to enjoy it with us, that David would love it once again. We told him we had a special surprise to go to today and he could hardly wait. At the end of the day David said, "That was a great special surprise." (I think he liked it) : ) We packed a picnic lunch and spent 3 hours doing all that there was to do at the farm. We took a hay ride, pet & fed some baby animals, picked out family pumpkins, and rode ponies. It was a great time! (Just to warn you, I put a ton of pictures on this blog. I just couldn't narrow them down, I loved them all, so I hope you enjoy!)
 Mommy & David ready for a Day at the Farm
 David & Daddy are ready too :)
 Enjoying the hayride around the farm
 The trailer of hay was pulled by a tracker, one of David's most favorite things
 Daddy feeding a blind calf named Daniel
David took a turn too. He was such a sweet little calf
 On our way from seeing the Guineas, Chickens, and silly Turkey, these goats really wanted our attention, so David stopped to feed them some of their favorite greens
 Soft baby bunnies, OH SO SOFT!
 Gotta love the kittens-they were free to a good home by the way (we resisted)
 This horse acted like it never got fed, we didn't mind though. It was so sweet and we gave it some greens and hay. Later he even snuck an apple core, lucky horsey!
 David did great keeping a safe distance, yet fully experiencing feeding the animals.
 This Lamb was precious
 We couldn't get over how HUGE this pig was. It is kind of hard to tell, but his ear was bigger than David's head! He just liked to sleep in the shade the whole time
 David was SUPER excited about riding a pony. He did great! He wasn't the least bit scared, he was very confident and loved it!
 Where did this big boy come from?
 Giddy up horsey! Her name was Abby and she was definitely the sweetest horse ever. We got to feed her some grass, which she loved.
 The Largest cow we have ever been so close to. You can't really see it in the picture, but there is a small electric wire separating us from him. He didn't seem to care that we came to check him out, we fed him some hay and he was pretty happy. David passed on feeding this guy. (I don't blame him). He was pretty cool though I must say and his name was also David. :)
 I have a picture of David from 2 years ago in this same hay maze. I'll have to find it and post it too. For some reason this year it just didn't get as much enjoyment from him, hmm wonder why :)
 After that David raced over to the pumpkin patch and almost right away he found his very own pumpkin. He was very proud of it.
 David & Daddy proud of their pumpkins
 We found the perfect pumpkin for everyone in our family
 One for David and he found a cute little one for baby Aiden
 Pumpkins for all of us
 And another tracker. This one David could "ride"
 and he insisted on using the gears too.
 They had this room full of hay for the little kids to play in. David had a great time in that, getting covered in hay!
 There were all kinds of grasses, nuts, corns, etc to decorate our pumpkins with and we made each one into a member of our family.
(Baby Aiden, Mommy, Daddy, & David)-David picked out his own lips for his pumpkin :)
 Very proud of our hard work!
 This is Moses, the talented goat. He stood at the top of this hug slide type thing and could pull the can on the rope with his tongue in which he'd get all kinds of treats. He was cute too.
Moses enjoying some hay :)

We had a fabulous Day at the Farm!