Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy 300th Birthday New Bern!

September 17th was the 300th birthday of our sweet little town. This whole past year was filled with fun events to celebrate with, but this weekend was the final celebration, or birthday party, if you will. Friday evening we packed a picnic dinner and met up again with the Paynes & the Goodfellows down on the lawn of Tryon Palace to hear the North Carolina Symphony play and then finish with a great show (even though our personal views were blocked by the trees) of fireworks! It was a perfect evening with a cool breeze off of the water and amazing friends to spend time with. David enjoyed pretending he was playing the instruments allow with them, particularly the piano & the trumpet. (I'm trying to upload a really great video, I hope it works).
 Everyone enjoying their picnic dinners while waiting for the symphony to begin.
 David playing his trumpet
 Kylie showed David how he could use his bat as a flute, what great fun!
Snuggle time with Daddy
 As it got darker, we couldn't help but put our feet up on our chairs and relax, it was such a wonderful evening and a great way to start our weekend.

The next morning at 10 was the Celebration parade. The Goodfellows saved us all a great spot on the street and boy oh boy was David excited for the parade. There were all kinds of neat things to see. They even had some special guest from Bern, Switzerland come to entertain us.
 Great friends, great times!
 NC Governor herself, Mrs Bev Purdue
 The New Bern bear mascot. For those of you who may not know, New Bern was named after it's sister city of Bern, Switzerland and "bern" in Swiss means bear.
 Our favorite band: the USMC Band
 David LOVES tractors too
 These horses were beautiful!
 Gotta love the old fashioned fire trucks!
 I can't remember exactly what these were called, but they made such a beautiful sound when these three people played. They were kind enough to give our section of the street an encore performance. I got that on video too, but not sure why I can't upload them. They were so neat!
 The Swiss street band came to play too, they must think we are pretty special!
 We LOVE milk! They had a great tent set up with free push pops, ice creams sandwiches, and chocolate milk. You could also get a vanilla milkshake to make a nice milk mustache for your very own "Got Milk?" advertisement. David was not to excited about getting it on his face nor taking a picture, so we just watched everyone else and enjoyed our treats.
 Some "early" settlers
One of the groups favorites: Dunkin Donuts Coffee. Jackie HAD to hug him :)

and don't forget the Donut, he passed out free donut coupons, but as you can see David wasn't too sure about getting close to him. Do you think Raqi looks excited?? :)

After the parade we all headed to lunch, then David, Jim and I walked down to Union Point Park to the street party. They had a handful of fun little games for the kids to play and David wanted to do the all. Our only complaint, Jim & I that is, was that the prizes for most of the games were fireballs! Now who in their right mind had that brilliant idea for children? They are way too hot and way too hard for kids, but oh well, Jim enjoyed some and David didn't care, he just wanted to play.
 David made an African mask and was so proud to show it off
 First game
 I thought surely a game called "Sweet Spot" would have something other than fireballs-nope.
 All kinds of different tossing games

 Taking a break in a little kayak fit for a 3 1/2 year old.
 Thankfully no one minded that David wanted to perform on this drum after posing for a great picture
 Our amazing soccer player! This prize was better-a bouncey ball
 And the football throw, great arm buddy! Prize? A dinosaur silly band
 Our FAVORITE sight of the day. The "pirate ship." We had to wait in line, the the hot sun, for quite some time, but it was worth it for us. David loved it and was super patient waiting his turn.
 While we waited in line we watch the drawbridge go up, it looked pretty cool
 Yay, our turn on the ship!
 Argggh, hold on tight matey!
 Ring that bell!
 Shootin' the gun
Getting ready to check out the Captains quarters
 Good Advice
What is a day on a pirate ship without your own pirate's sword?
While we were walking back to our car David stopped to pose with a fellow pirate outside an antique shop. What a fun weekend, now back to unpacking our house!!!


  1. Glad you got a break from unpacking, although it didn't look like a very relaxing break. ;) Looks like you guys had lots of fun though. Miss you! Give David kisses from me and rub your belly, too! :)

  2. Hi Jenny, delurking here. Nice photos, too bad we didn't get to go the ship! We forgot about it.