Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our "Un" Baseball Game

Tuesday evening we ventured out with our friends the Toolans and our new friends and neighbors the Campbells to attend our first Potomac Nationals baseball game. Adults and kids alike were all excited for the game. I particularly was really looking forward to a game time hot dog. After parking and figuring out seats (looks like we had lots of trouble with that huh?), we settled in with some food and ready for fun. We weren't seated for more than 10 minutes and they started covered up the bases. Well, they delayed the game due to a storm that was headed our way and sure enough about another 10 minutes later the rain started, sprinkles at first, but enough for the crowd to head below and then the bottom fell out!! We hung out in the gift store for about another 30-45 minutes and it was just pouring outside! Finally the dads made an executive decision and we headed home hoping that the game would be officially rained out so that we could come back and see an actual game. Thankfully later on it was called. We were bummed, after all we didn't even get to hear the National Anthem let alone see a pitch or anything! No need for despair though, the Campbells invited us over to their house and we enjoyed much fellowship and were able to organize our plans for our upcoming Bible study group. FUN was had by all, after all :) We were all ready for the game
David & Daddy enjoying their hot dogs

Watching "Uncle Slam" be silly before we had to head for cover. You can see they had already covered the field in the background.
I have to add that this was the first time David actually "touched" a 'giant' mascot type person. He waved happily and gave him a huge high five and was very proud of himself for doing so.

Friedlein Baby #2

Well I think it is about time that I make the "official" announcement on our blog. Most of you probably know by now that God has blessed our family again and we are expecting our 2nd child! I am currently about 14 weeks now and am due January 23rd. We have prayed for another baby for so long and we are thrilled that God has given us this little life. It is so neat too, because it seems almost every week we find out yet another friend of ours is also expecting, what a blessing to know so many little ones will be born into such wonderful families!
I have only taken 2 pictures of my growing belly thus far, but will keep updating them about every 3 weeks so you can see the change. I definitely am showing way sooner this time around than with David. Yay for baby bumps!
9 weeks
12 weeks

I have definitely felt the same symptoms this pregnancy as I did with David, yet thankfully without the vomitting. LOTS of nausea, but I've been able to keep everything down. I am starting to feel better, yay for the 2nd trimester, but still have some difficulty in the evenings. Around 7ish at night I start the stomach ache and it usually stays until bedtime and relief comes in the morning.

Thank you again to all of you for all of your prayers for our family! God is SO good!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

HOT summer days

Wednesday morning David woke up with a very swollen right eye, so we took him to the clinic that afternoon. The doc confirmed our thoughts that he was probably bit by a bug during the night. He gave us some allergy meds and told us to keep an "eye" on it :) it has gotten much better in the last couple of days, so praise God. David was actually VERY excited to go to the doctor's office, which surprised us a bit, but very pleasantly surprised us I must say. He has been coming to a lot of my doctor's appointments lately which seems to have put him at ease with being in a doctor's office in general which is a good thing as far as I am concerned.
It was SO cute because the nurse had to take all his vitals and he did everything she asked without question and with a smile. I wish I would have gotten a picture of him getting his blood pressure because he was ADORABLE but that was one of the first things they did and I didn't want to embarrass him. He was an excellent patient, our BIG boy!
Ready on the bed.
Happy and waiting so patiently

He even wanted to show us that he would probably have to lie down. He insisted on taking his shoes off because he didn't want to tear the paper. :)

Great patients get Scooby Doo stickers & a lollipop :)
On the way home from the doc, I was stuck in rush hour traffic so I took the opportunity to take a picture to prove how hot it was outside. Right before the camera clicked it changed from 103 to 102, so it was even hotter than it currently shows.

Because of the crazy hot temperatures for all our safety we've been hiding in the house in the air conditioning, but when we got home from the appointment and every day since we've pulled out the pool and David's Lightning McQueen slip n slide and been completely entertained by our hilarious little boy. He has wore himself out every evening out there in the backyard. Our lawn has also been drying up, so it has been a great to get that watered at the same time. Oh, and he has some sprinkler fun too :)

Giving headers to the sprinkler

Doing the silly "water's gonna get me dance"

Punching the water
Slippin' and a slidin'

He finally got the hang of it and after 2 days of this, his poor little belly is all tore up from get scratched by grass, the plastic and other random pokey things.

Trying to go UP

"Helping" Daddy fill the pool and being oh so silly, are we surprised?

Big Boys and Big, Busy Weekends!

We have had quite the busy summer! I can hardly believe it is July! I have full intentions of being a better blogger, but no promises because the rest of this month is sure going to be busy too. I have lots to blog about, so I am going to break in up into sections. There are LOTS of photos, hope you enjoy. I will try to explain each set when you get there. Happy Hot Weather!

Just about a week or so ago, after David's evening bath David decided that he no longer "preferred" his hair to be combed down. Prior, he HATED when it was spiky at all. The very next morning, he walked into our bedroom and asked, "Mommy can you put gel in my hair?" What 3-year-old asks that?? So I did and then put a little hair spray and below is the final product. David looked at it and said, "Hmm, I like it, I look handsome." and that was that...

David calls it "pokey" hair

Outside on an unusually beautiful day. Some ladies invited us to the school playground and the kiddos & Mommies had a blast!

David and his friend Raleigh on the firetruck

Meeting new and old friends. David literally ran around the entire time. We've been cooped up in this house WAY too long because of the 100+ degree weather.

On July 2nd we headed to New Bern for the 4th of July weekend. First stop was David's friend Makayla's 4th birthday party...

Where's David??? Pinata time!

Saturday, July 3rd started off with a picnic at Pleasant Acres Church. The HUGE hit for the kids was the world's largest jumpy house that had a crocodile face. It was so cute watching them hold hands and go down the slide together. Meanwhile, the "grown ups" played the 2nd annual 4th of July "young" vs. "old" softball game. This year the "old folks" won. Next year we will be on that team :)

Coming down the slide!!!

"Pokey" haired David and the crocodile :)

David and Kenley say cheese!

Kenley & I take a break for some yummy watermelon~ she is SO cute!

Next stop after the picnic was to Sherwin Williams where we picked out new paint & carpet for our house. While we were waiting our turn, David found what he THOUGHT was a microphone and began to sing us some silly songs :) (It was some sort of paint spraying machine)

Sing David Sing! Preparing for Singspiration at church

Then it was off to the house for some SERIOUS clean up. This is what the old carpet looks like now...

Where's David? :)

That evening we had dinner with our friends the Kimbrell's. After eating David and Lily Kate took a dip in her very cool swimming play mate. It was kind of a chilly night, but the kids, through chattering teeth, had a great time!

Pool time fun!

Trying to catch water

Sunday, July 4th Pleasant Acres hosted a beautiful "Salute to America" with a cantata and lots of honor and tribute given to our Military heroes both past and presently serving. There were close to 70 or more representing all branches of service. It was fantastic!

After the service the church hosted a lunch for all military and families, it was delicious!

David & another buddy Kelsie. So sweet

and Kylie & David

My wonderful family

After the evening service, the Payne family, Amelia, Jim, David, and I headed to downtown New Bern to watch the fireworks. We got wonderful seats and were there in plenty of time to make 2 bathroom trips and a trip to see the world's largest BBQ sandwich, courtesy of Moore's BBQ. WOW was it huge!

Best Buddies~my guys

Raqi, David, & Jackie on our way to fireworks

Raqi and David checking out the sandwich

Anyone hungry???

Friedlein family with our glow bracelets, ready for the fireworks

Isn't Mommy sweet too? :)

Friends Forever!!

Happy Birthday America!!