Friday, June 18, 2010

Weddings, Weddings, & More Weddings to come!

David putting his arm around me "Happy 29th Birthday Mommy!"
Gotta have some help blowing out all those candles: 2 candles and then 9 candles (My mom didn't have a whole 29 to spare) :)

Grandma & Grandpa Maslanka

David giving Jim & Papa Kino the thumbs up for take off!

My Dad, David & Jim after Jim's helo ride

Campfire marching Marine

David & Uncle Brad being silly while playing with pop-its

Me & my beautiful sister

Happy Wedding Day to Dad & Julie!

Dad & his "little" girls

David's "nap" in the charter bus on our way to the reception. He only needed a power nap :)

Posing with his new friend Demonte

David & Samantha, ready to fulfill their duties :)

The whole wedding party
(Jamie, me, Shannon & Stephanie (Julie's daughters), Demonte & Samantha (Shannon's kiddos), Aidan, (Steven's son), Julie & Dad, David & Jim, Brad (Jamie's husband), Steven (Julie's son) & Jeff (Julie's brother)

Checking out the "story" wedding cakes-each one had a cake topper & message that told a step of my dad and Julie's journey together

David's leg kick

Phew! What a busy last few weeks. We have been quite the travelers lately. In a matter of 3 weeks we put over 3,000 miles on the blazer, time for yet ANOTHER oil change!
First it was off to MI, David & I and Bailey & Russ (our pups), for less than 24 hours, to drop off the dogs at my Mom's house. Then we drove down to Columbus, OH for a fun-filled wedding weekend for Amy (Jim's sister) and her now husband Matthew. We had a wonderful time there. David made his ring bearer debut, with a little help from Daddy (moral support you know). Then he danced the night away impressing all of the extended family with his river dance & kicking moves (he definitely didn't learn that from me) :)
Then after a "see you soon" good bye to Jim who headed to the airport and back to VA, David & I went back north to spend the next week and a half with my mom. We did our fair share of thrift shopping and checking out yard sales. David was a trooper on his mission for a "race car." We ended up with much more than a race car by the way...
Then the following Saturday my sister Jamie and her husband Brad flew in and we got to spend some time with them over my birthday before we picked Jim up from the airport and headed up to the U.P (that is Upper Peninsula for all you non-Michiganders) on Wednesday for my dad's wedding.
David was quite the professional ring bearer at Papa Kino's & Julie's wedding, even after his new beloved friend Samantha, the 7 year-old flower girl took off down the aisle leaving him behind, he still kept his slow pace while holding the REAL wedding bands. He was incredible!! Now for Uncle David & Lindsey's wedding he really should be a pro!
We were so thrilled to meet up with so many extended family members on the Giackino (my) side, some whom we hadn't seen in almost 20 years! It was wonderful!! David once again had some impressive moves, particularly his Marine march around the campfire with his stick "gun" 2 nights before the wedding~so silly! We even made a quick trip to Bessemer, MI to see my mom's parents who have never met David. It was a 5 hour (round trip) drive for only about 30 minutes of visiting, but it too was wonderful to see Grandma & Grandpa Maslanka! We got a GREAT picture of all of us together.
We took about 500 pictures of our entire trip, and have even more from friends' & families' cameras, so I've just included a couple of my favorites so far.
Now that we are back home and finally have a new camera, yay, I can get back on track with blogging as we start or "new" normal around here.
Hope you are all enjoying your summer so far!!