Thursday, May 20, 2010

Adventures in Scrapbooking...Thank goodness for my blog!

So I've been spending A LOT of time catching up on my scrapbooking. It has been very exciting because I have accomplished a ton and have a goal of getting current before we move from VA at the end of the summer. I think it is possible and can't wait to no longer have any pictures in envelopes & boxes! This past week I've been trying to complete and organize 2009, well today I finished a batch and was trying to organize the next one. I couldn't remember the exact order so I turned to my trusty blog (thank God for it) and much to my surprise, I am MISSING a whole bunch of printed pictures. I double checked snapfish and sure enough I never even uploaded them! Yikes! So now I am officially "organized" with a list of what needs to be ordered to be completely current. THEN I will have ALL physical pictures in my hands to work towards reaching my goal. I KNOW I CAN DO IT! We have quite a few current pictures on my phone & Jim's phone, so I am working on getting those on the computer so I can post some of what we've been up to the past few weeks. It has been VERY BUSY!
In other important news. I bought a new camera today!! I ordered it off ebay so I have to wait for it to be delivered, but I am super excited to finally have a camera once again. Finally I know!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WOC Bowling & Fish Pedicures? YES, really...

On March 29th, our Women of the Chapel Bible Study group had a day out at the base bowling alley. David had an AWESOME time and even beat me on a game or two.

Mr. David being shy.
So some friends from WOC had this "brilliant" idea of getting fish pedicures. When Trisha asked me if I was interested, I said "A what pedicure??" Apparently this is a common thing in other countries and has gotten more popular in the US recently. These little "Dr Fish" as they are called literally eat the dead skin off of your feel revealing baby fresh soft skin. Are you totally grossed out yet? I was. Well yesterday was the big day and I was EXTREMELY hesitant. I had decided in my mind that I would just go to watch them be crazy and get myself a regular pedicure. Well after about 15 minutes of complete peer pressure, being totally grossed out, but slowly building up enough courage. I stuck my feet in the tank and got my first fish pedicure. I have to admit it was really, really weird, but ending up really leaving my feet super soft. We only had our feet in the tank for about 15 minutes, so it wasn't complete torture :) I thought David would be scared too, but he wanted to put his feet in the tank too! I shouldn't be surprised by him anymore. He was encouraging me by saying, "Don't worry Mommy, it's okay, they only tickle your toes!" HA! Well if my 3-year-old can do it, so can I! :) Here are some pictures of my "experience."

This is pretty much what I looked like for 15 minutes, trying to build up enough courage and not look at or think about how weirded out I was

Here I am STILL very uncertain, but getting closer.

And now both David and I can say, "I had a fish pedicure."

What are Little Boys Made of?...Snakes, Snails, & Puppy Dog Tails

Yes, I know it has been WAY too long since I posted some pictures. Unfortunately we still do not have a camera, but we uploaded a bunch of pictures off of Jim's Blackberry and I found some really great ones of things David has been up to, so I can share those...
Since moving on base David has increased his liking for Marines and he likes to march around the house with his sword and wear Jim's cover. He'll stop, about face, and salute us. It is pretty cute! Then he'll give you a thumbs up and salute again (like the pilots in Top Gun) :) No we have no influence on our children :)

Here is our proud Marine standing at attention

A few weeks ago we were kitty sitting for our neighbors and watering their veggie garden. David and Daddy had a little bit too much fun with the water hose on one particularly warm day. Who do you think is having more fun?

Silly Soaker!


Smiling at Mommy over the fence

We have been hosting Bible study at our house every Tuesday and 2 weeks ago I wanted to make this delicious dessert that my friend Keri made and posted on her blog. As always I had my little chef helper (and big chef Daddy helper too) to assist in the taste testing. I have to say that this was my very first time EVER making an entire cake & frosting from scratch and I don't think I can ever make a cake from a box again. The batter was the BEST EVER!! Plus I used about 90% organic ingredients which I was super excited about. It was seriously the world's greatest chocolate cake! We also made the Burnt Peanut Butter Frosting that my friend Keri suggested as well.I have 3 words to say:

Chocolate Faced Chef

Last Wednesday was $.31 ice cream scoops at Baskin Robbins so after Awana, we headed on over and we each enjoyed a scoop or two. David got Cookies N Cream on a sugar cone. He LOVES cones


It is SO good!
This past Sunday after church we went to Five Guys with our friends the Toolans. It was our first time there and it was REALLY yummy. As we were finishing up, the boys noticed some puppies outside, so Kirby, Shane, David & I went to check them out. We found out that they were looking for good homes for this brother and sister Husky/Lab mixes. OH were they SUPER sweet! Kirby, who is quickly approaching her due date, fell in love with the little girl. I think it took everything in her husband not to cave in and take her home with them. Kirby did get the lady's name and phone number though, just in case. These pups were so cute! David & Shane couldn't get enough lovin'

The one on the left is the girl and the right is the boy

David cried when we had to leave, he wanted to take them home with us. I had to politely remind him that we had 2 wonderful pups at home already :)

Sweet lil' lady

and her handsome lil' brother