Thursday, March 25, 2010

House Hunting in New Bern!

If the cat is not already out of the bag...we are moving back to New Bern! Over the last few weeks we have had quite the rollar coaster ride of "orders" to our next duty station and we now know that we will be moving back to NC at the end of the summer. Jim graduates from EWS in May and then it's on to do something (still to be determined) at OCS and following that we will be PCSing to Cherry Point! We are very excited to return to New Bern, to our friends, our home, and our church family!
This past week Jim took his official "house hunting" leave and we drove down for about 5 days to check out our home and to have some fabulous quality time with some of our dear friends. We couldn't make a trip to New Bern without having breakfast at Baker's Square. I made a grand Miche purchase, we were able to attend both a Sunday morning and evening service AND an evening at the Paynes' for food and fellowship (we love games-even if you all try to make us feel dumb in the process) :)
David loved seeing a bunch of his beloved friends too. Thank you all for the wonderful visit. We look forward to reuniting again in just a few short months!
For those of you whom we love dearly in VA we will miss you too and will never forget the precious friendships we have made with you. Lord willing we too will be reunited in the future.

Makayla & David playing while waiting for our table at Baker's Square.

Coming down the slide at Kidsville
David sporting his new sunglasses that I bought for him at the store (when I had to leave the park to purchase him a new outfit due to an "accident". Thank you Lord for Twice As Nice & Big Lots : ) )
BFF's at Dairy Queen

So Sweet~we match

Carter, Makayla, & David ready for some ice cream.

Serious concentration of sprinkles

Playing in the back of the Manns' SUV

Could we possibly get any sillier?

David hopped in the car with Makayla & Carter to play for a few hours while we went to check on our house.
Having fun at the Manns' running through the sprinkler
Crockett is for toddlers too :)

Silly boy hiding under the towel

That evening~jumping on the Paynes' trampoline

David was jumping over everyone.

Makayla & Kenley after dinner Monday evening. David was being stubborn and didn't want to get in the picture with his friends.

Tuesday all day, David played with his friends Kayla & Kristen while Jim & I headed into town. He totally skipped nap, but when we left to go to our friends' the Woolards' for dinner, he fell asleep in the car and didn't wake up THE ENTIRE TIME! Jim transported him to the couch and he didn't even open an eye when all the other kids got there and were running around playing. He woke up about 5 minutes before we left~after we had eaten and fellowshipped.
This is what a week of fun does to a 3-year-old :)

Some seriously funny video of Mike & Jim bouncing with the kids.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Busy, Busy in Quantico!

I haven't blogged for a few weeks, but it isn't because there hasn't been anything to blog about, that's for sure! We've been having all kinds of fun and adventures here. Below I'll tell some of the stories of what's been happening here...
One morning David was having way too much fun throwing a CD that he got from Chick Fil A, and "magically" it landed up on top of the living room fan-very talented our boy is :)
Here David is posing below his handy-work. He then turned on the fan and laughed hysterically when it went flying off :)

About 2 1/2 weeks ago I started walking in the evenings with two of my friends. They do some serious power walking! Our doggies have been in desperate need of outdoor exercise too, so I brought them with me on the very first night. After walking almost 4 miles, we came home and I noticed blood on the carpet. I searched all of the dogs' paws and sure enough Bailey had some how sliced a huge gash in between her toes with a piece of ice (we are assuming). The next day at the vet she received 2 lovely staples and the horrid "cone of shame" that she was suppose to wear for 2 weeks straight! Poor girl. Thankfully with me at home all day I was able to take it off and just watch her to be sure she didn't lick her paw. Now it is looking much better and is healing very well. I think her staples will be able to come out this week :) and she has been able to start walking with us again.

We bought our dining room suite about 2 months after we were married (almost 6 years ago) and since then have really worn in the seats of the chairs. White really wasn't the best choice, but I don't think we really had any choice at the time. Anyway, we've been talking about reupholstering them for a long time and we finally picked out some fabric at Ikea and made a weekend of it. I must say Jim is the BEST chair reupholstering man I know! Good Job Honey!

I on the other hand am a little slow when it comes to figuring out how to take a chair seat OFF without taking the entire chair apart. :) Thankfully I only took apart one before Jim so graciously informed me of the simplicity of removal that I had completely missed :) Thank you once again my honey!
This is the seat and one leg of the chair I completely took apart.

This is the rest of it.

TA DA! This is what the finished product looks like. We LOVE our new chairs!

For about 4 weeks now, every Saturday David has been going to Soccer Sprouts. It is a fantastic class where 2-5 year old kiddos learn some basic soccer skills and have lots of fun just kicking the ball around with their friends and parents. Jim has a dear love for the sport so it is so fun to watch both him and David play together. We all enjoy it very much!

Here is David "diving" for a kick. He likes to put his whole body into it.

Playing games with Coach Charlotte's daughter. Touch your ear to the ball!
Learning how to stop the ball with your feet and not your hands.

Proud Soccer Sprout practicing kicking the cones over.

After soccer one day we made a trip to Lowes. David decided he wanted to test out the trackers. I asked him if he wanted to work there and he said "yes"

Before our record breaking snow last month, Jim and I had, after many months of searching, found a used piano on Quantico Yard Sales and just recently the snow melted enough that we could actually go and pick it up. Well, I didn't go, Jim recruited two of his friends to help him out. I personally think they had WAY too much fun, but they did a very good job and I'm very thankful for their help!
When David woke up from his nap he was super excited to try it out for the first time. I think lessons are in both our futures!
This past week the weather has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Spring sure seems to have sprung around here and it is great. I was sick ALL week long, but finally was better enough on Thursday afternoon to be able to go to the park for some fun with the kids. Our friend Krista and her 3 boys, Parker, CJ, and Brody came with us. We had lots of fun! All the playgrounds in our neighborhood are awesome! Yay for base housing!
There were also some soccer goals and balls out, so the boys showed us some of their soccer skills. Nice kick Parker!
Make a goal David, you can do it!

David's most recent favorite book is The Little Red Caboose. He LOVES this book!! Not only do we read it to him, but now he can "read" it to us, it is adorable!

Here he is with his construction truck before he reads us the story. (The video is below)

Last night Shane, one of David's dearest buddies came over to play for a couple of hours. Here they are: Sheriff Shane & Bob the Builder David ready to go to work!

This is one of the many times David has read us The Little Read Caboose. Is he a sweetheart or what? How much prouder could a Mama & Daddy be? :)