Monday, January 25, 2010

Bad Bad Blogger

The past two weekends we had all kinds of fun! To sum up my bad blogger self, I took lots of pictures, then lost the camera. We finally found the camera a week later and went to upload the pictures onto the computer only to find out that our hard drive is full! I can not believe it. So unfortunately I will not have any pictures or videos to share until we figure out how to free up some memory on the computer...

I will let you in on all that has been happening here in VA and once we add the pictures and video you can see it too. The weekend before last our Saturday was packed full. It was one of the few really nice days in a while so Jim and I spent the whole morning cleaning up our backyard of doggy droppings, fun I know, but we were really glad we did it because it looked so much nicer and the very next day it poured rain so we would have had to wait a long long time to clean it up after that. That afternoon we went to our neighbor Anna's 6th birthday party at a local indoor pool. David had a fantastic time swimming with his friends. It was great to do a summer activity in the winter time. We took lots of pictures of that. That evening we drove to Washington DC to meet up with one of Jim's friend's from college, Joe for dinner. It was Restaurant Week in DC so we were able to get a 4 course meal at a set price. We tried out this cute little Italian restaurant in Old Towne Alexandria (I love that area). It was a fun time with good food and friends. David was exceptional that evening and received many complements from the adults sitting at tables around us. He enjoyed riding on the Metro too-always fun on a train for David.

Sunday we visited a new church for the 2nd time and after hearing a fantastic sermon on Leadership Jim came out and said, "this is it" We are so excited that God has redirected where He wants us to be and all that He'll be doing over the next few months at our new church. Sunday evening we had our 1st Game Night with a few of our friends. There were 8 little ones here, the oldest was 6 and the youngest was 1, so there was A LOT going on here. We all had a great time playing board games, eating snacks, and getting to know each other more. We really love living on base and all the friends we are making is really making our time here in VA extra sweet. We LOVE you Mason Drive :)

Monday Jim had off and it was a day for us to catch up on all that we'd be starting the next week.

This past Thursday we had our sign ups for WOC (Women of the Chapel) Bible study. We had a good turn out and I am super excited about the study that I am blessed to be facilitating. I look forward to all that God will do through us and in us during this class. This coming Thursday will be our Meet & Greet and then the next week will be our official first day. Since David turned 3 he now will be going to the Youth Center while we have our class. I had never been there and I had had some paperwork to drop off so I thought it was a great time to check the place out and ask some questions. The people there were great David felt comfortable right away and I think he is really excited about all the activities they have planned for the kids. I am grateful!
This weekend we went up to the Dulles Expo Center to see the Train Show. That place was PACKED! We drove up with our friends the Toolans and their son Shane and David had an wonderful time looking at the gigantic model train displays, shopping for more train accessories, and of course riding on Annie & Clarabelle with Thomas the Tank pulling them along!! That evening as if we hadn't had enough fun, we headed to our neighbors' the Ross's for some more food and games. There were even more kids this get together and poor Ella was the only girl among 10 little boys all under the age of 5! A great time was had by all of us.

PHEW are you tired yet?

Yesterday was our 3rd visit to our new church and our 2nd to our new Sunday School class. We dearly love our previous Sunday School class and we miss them very much, but we know that this is the place that God wants us to be. We are going through a series about leadership and the sermon brought us to our knees again when our pastor challenged the men to be leaders in our homes and for us as wives to follow in our roles. We KNOW that this in where we need to be and we couldn't be more full. We also had extra blessings yesterday when a coworker of Jim's & his fiance visited as well as some other friends of ours. Putting it plainly, everyone is coming back! To God be the glory for all the work His in doing in ALL of us.

It has been an amazing last few weeks and we are grateful to God for it all. I am sorry that I don't have any pictures to share with everyone, but we will fix that soon and get back on track again soon!
Love to all our family and friends!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Friedleins Get "Wii" Fit in 2010

So part of our goals for this year is to develop a better exercise routine. Jim got me a Wii Fit for my birthday last year and we rarely have used it since we moved to VA. Over the Christmas and New Year break we finally brought it out, now it is a whole family affair. The other day David really wanted to play too and I couldn't pass up the opportunity for some video. Trust me they are good ones :) David does by the way have his very own Mii character and his best game so far is the dodging for soccer balls. I think he's even passed my high score.

Up first we have Step Aerobics

And finally another of David's favorites: Hula Hoop

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy To Be Home

This week has been one of "getting back to normal." Jim headed back to work and David and I started our new routine of 2010. It is slow and coming, but we are working at becoming more organized and focused on daily priorities and activities. To name just a few things I want to do in 2010:
1) Become genuinely devoted to my daily quiet times.
2)Starting "school" for David
3)Daily exercise for me & David
4)Organize, organize, and organize.
So far we have made some progress and we are only a week into the new year, so yay. So far this is what David has learned during his daily devotion time:
Mommy: "David, the Bible is...?"
David: "God's Word."
Mommy: "Jesus is...?"
David: "God's Son"
Mommy: "Jesus died on a...?"
David: "Cross"
And so far he knows all the answers and our whole family is enjoying the benefits. I am so privileged and honored to be able to "teach" and "train up" our little blessing.
Exercise so far has consisted of the Wii fit which David enjoys just as much as Jim and I do. His favorites are Hula Hoop & Dodging for Soccer Balls (I'm horrible at that one). He also enjoys bowling :)
Also some time spent on the elliptical machine since I can't help but see it in our front room every single day, so no excuse right?
We really need to start walking our dogs again because they really miss that, but it is just so cold in the winter here. Bailey loves it, but I think she is the only one, well maybe David too. :)
I got a laminating machine from my mom for Christmas and that thing has totally helped my organization mode. I think if I don't laminate our whole lives then whatever is left will be put in Tupperware :)
Here are some random pictures of our week.
David said, "Mommy looked a me and Russell, take a picture!" So I did.
Bailey & Russ napping on the stairs. They are SO very happy that we are home. We just got new next door neighbors this week. We haven't officially met them yet, but they have a huge boxer named Zeus and so far he and Bailey aren't the best of friends, we have to work on that.

Yesterday the sun peeked out a bit, but it was still pretty cold out. David took advantage of the chance to play in the little bit of snow we still have left in our front yard and while I sat inside and watched him from the front room window he drove two of his matchbox cars around in the snow. That counts for his exercise of the day :)

More Florida Pictures

I had to add these pictures because I thought they were good ones. Thanks Lindsey for the great pictures! We sure did have a fun time in Florida! Today we got a "dusting" of snow, less than an inch, but it still accumulated on the ground and gave Jim a 2 hour delay to go to work today, hooray for extra sleep!
Happy Friday everyone!
I love my family!

I vote him the cutest kid ever :) My boy!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trains, FLORIDA, boats, & FIREWORKS! Happy New Year!

Two days after Christmas we hopped on the train from Quantico and rode all the way down to Tampa, FL. (About 19 hours later) We then took a rental car down to Naples to visit with Jim's family for a week at his parents condo. It was a fantastic visit. We were able to see Grandma & Grandpa Taylor (Jim's parents), Nona & Poppa, Aunt Amy & Uncle Matthew, Uncle David & Aunt Lindsey, & meet a whole bunch of new "snow bird" friends. A 3 year old makes friends quickly with the "older" folks in Florida condos :)
The train ride, though very very long went well. David had a most wonderful time. Jim & I had some difficulty sleeping half sitting up/trying not to fall out of our seats, but we enjoyed the experience over all and would definitely do it again. We spent about 1/3 of what it would have cost us all to fly so a HUGE savings for us is always good.
We spend a lot of time just catching up with family and hanging out. It was the first time in a really long time where we were all together and able to do that. The next time we will all be together again is going to be in May for Amy & Matthew's wedding and then again in July for David & Lindsey's wedding. We are SUPER excited for both. Our David has the privilege and the honor to be in both weddings and in my dad's wedding in June. Whew busy busy summer we will have.
Wednesday afternoon, as part of our Christmas present, Jim's parents had reserved a sunset cruise for us all to take out of Naples. It was awesome! The weather was great, the sunset was breathtaking AND we saw dolphins and a bald eagle! We brought lots of snacks and had a fantastic evening on the boat! Thank you for such a wonderful gift!
New Year's Eve we met up with some friends from High School, Lindsey's sister and brother-in-law and their little boy Adam for fireworks on Naples Beach. Only in Florida can you celebrate the New Year with fireworks, they were fantastic too. One of the longest shows I have ever seen. David was "ooooing" and "awwwing" like a pro!
Friday evening we had to board the train to head back home to VA. The trip home was a bit more comfortable to us, since we found out that our seats could fold up like a lazy boy, very helpful when you are trying to get some sleep :) We make dinner reservations in the Dining Car that night and enjoyed breakfast the next morning, it was a really fun experience.
We had such a great week with our family. We are excited for this new year and all the God has coming our way. Enjoy this post, because it sure is a long one!


Waiting for the train in Quantico
Having a snack on our connecting train from Richmond that took us all the way to Tampa

David loved watching all the different scenery go by Mommy & David having a fun train ride

One of the train conductors let us all have a turn being "in charge." I tried it on too, but David was a bit shy. (Thanks for being a good sport Daddy)

Movie time on the train (almost to FL)

Christmas again with the family. David loved helping EVERYONE open their gifts.

Daddy, Uncle David, Aunt Lindsey, & David enjoying a made up matching game from the Cars Memory game Uncle D & Lindsey gave David.

Grandpas are great for horsey back rides!

Enjoying some fresh air on Grandpa & Grandma's lanai

Our friends Mike & Aimee and their little boy Adam. Aimee is Lindsey's sister. They were also visiting from MI staying in Mike's family's condo, just a few buildings over. Jim & Aimee went to preschool together way back a long long time ago :)
David & his new friend Adam give "see you later" hugs.

David 1st time using a big boy knife to cut his spaghetti. So grown up!

David is staring off into space while Grandpa tells us a story :)

Fist bumps

Hugs for Nona. Thank you for the Hungry Caterpillar & book!

David loved playing with Grandpa & Grandma's kitty Buster. Lily our kitty is also living with them in FL while we are here on base at Quantico. David remembered "his cat"

Wednesday morning while the girls went shopping for "Mother of the Bride/Groom" dresses, the guys took a hike around the condos to see all kinds of wildlife. David waited until they were all the way out on a dock by the water to share that he had to use the potty :) David told me later that he saw raccoons too, very cool!

David is REALLY REALLY excited for the boat ride.

David & his Aunt Amy

Grandpa & David on the Catamaran

David & Nona

Checking out all the hundred million dollar homes

All the kids :)

It was so beautiful!

"I love my Daddy!"

The boat was called the "Sweet Liberty." Once we got out into the Gulf they raised the sails. It was amazing!

More beautiful!

You can't really seen them in the picture, but here are two of the dolphins we saw. They were following in the wake of a large boat passing by us. It was so neat to watching them jump out of the water.

Sweet Family

We had lots of fun as a family

Daddy & his Mommy

Having so much fun hanging out with family on the big boat

Isn't God beautiful?

Silly boy in the sunset

Father & Son set sail

Mommy & Daddy so happy :)

The bald eagle against the moon light. We were much closer to it than this picture shows. We could see more details in person.

Here come down the sails!

More sunset pictures

David was being too silly to get a good picture of the 3 of us, but that is our D for you!

Eskimo kisses in the moonlight :)

David getting ready for his big dip in the condo pool.

Our little "pool bum" playing with a car the one of his new "condo" pals gave him.

Posing with his cool Spiderman towel

Catch me Daddy! Here I come!

The pool was only 75 degrees so most of our time was spent on the floaty, "sailing" around the pool. The guys were brave enough to actually get in the pool, but it was COLD!

Life is rough in Florida in December : )It's okay D accidents happen, at least we are in FL where it is warm : ) Enjoy your cookies. Notice my sunburned arms. Who gets sun in December? :)
The crew on Naples Beach waiting for fireworks

Watching the Naples Beach fireworks

Walking back with Daddy from the fireworks

Back on the train on our way home. David plays with his "mustard family" while we wait for our dinner on the Dining Car.

Hmmm let's see what should I get??

David jumping into the pool

David "dancing" to some silly song about a cheeseburger :)

Opening some presents at Grandpa & Grandma's house.

Thank you all for such a wonderful visit!