Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Black Fridays, Marine Corps Museaum, & 1st Annual Mason Drive Flag Football

This year Jim & I decided that we were actually going to get up with thousands of other Americans and venture out into the craziness of sales for a 5AM Black Friday morning. We had our eyes set on a couple LCD TVs that were going to be on sale at the Exchange and so since we already had Amy as our baby sitter, coffee in hand, we arrived at the Exchange at 5:10AM Friday morning. As first timers we had a GREAT time! and we got an even greater deal. I'm sure that things don't run as smoothly at Wal-Mart as they do at an Exchange. I said, "well at least Marines know how to stand in line and wait their turn." and it is true! We did stand in line for "tv tickets," and then go stand in another line to pay for our tvs and then go drive in another line to pick them up, but I am happy to say that we got a 37" for $369.99 & a 32" for $278 with NO tax! We also picked up a few other deals as gifts, but we were so excited and proud of our 1st Black Friday finds. We also met a handful of really funny people who were standing around in line with us. I personally thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was nice too because with the two of us we took turns standing in line and going around the store shopping some more as well and running to McDonald's for some breakfast. We arrived back home at 8AM, trunk full and Amy & David both were still sound asleep! :) After unloading we made pancakes & eggs, so after breakfast we we able to watch some serious HD on our new TV. The rest of the day was spent eating leftover turkey sandwiches and watching Christmas movies, taking naps, and decorating the house & Christmas tree. Another day after Thanksgiving tradition for the Friedlein family.
Daddy & David placing the star on top of the tree.
David & Aunt Amy getting in some serious snuggles. He said, "I want to sit by her"

Saturday afternoon we ventured out of the house over the the National Marine Corps Museum. As always we had a great time. David especially loves the helicopter & airplanes, no surprise there.

David said, "Where did the planes go?"

Once again David was not too thrilled about being inside the helicopter. It was very loud & you could hear "gunfire" all around us. Thankfully Daddy keeps him safe.

Hugging Daddy while posing by the jet. They are at the very top of the viewing tower, making me extremely nervous near the edge, but neither one of them were scared.

Later that afternoon, we attended the 1st Annual Mason Dr Flag Football Game across the street from our house at the park. To sum it up, we had a BLAST! David had not gotten a nap that afternoon and was extremely tired, so he really wasn't up for playing. This first picture is his reaction after Jim & I both started playing. He just wanted to go home. :( Poor little man. Fortunately his friend Shane's Gran Gran was there sitting on the bench and she shared her seat and all her blankets with David to snuggle. He did eventually play a little tackle and catch with his Navy football with his friend Shane & Maddy, then he climbed back up onto the bench with Gran Gran. It was great because Amy's flight didn't leave until late that evening so she was able to join us for the game too. Afterwards to congregated at the Toolans house for some soup and homemade cider.
Not a happy football boy

Shane, David, & Maddy playing football.

David & one of "his girls"

Kiddos playing football. Here David is the center :)

The whole gang. Ally is center, Jim is QB this time around. Our friend Sean's mom was even the line judge. This is serious flag football!

Kay gets the 1st down!

Our team (yellow) huddles up.

Paul looking for an open receiver

Meanwhile some of the little ones continue their own game of "tackle" football.

David chasing Shane for another tackle

Now it is Shane's turn to chase David!

From a distance Gran Gran & David stay warm while watching us play football.

David even went inside to get his own blankey to share.
We had so much fun playing flag football with our neighbors and our families. Once again we are so blessed by God! Thanks for such a fun filled weekend!

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