Monday, December 21, 2009

What Friedleins Do When "trapped" in Our House

Thankfully prior to the storm we did some grocery shopping, but even by today we are starting to get low on a few essential items. Tonight for dinner the only thing I had was chicken, so I pulled out my trusty ole "VMGR-252 Family Cookbook" and low and behold a recipe jumped out that sounded good and wouldn't you know I had all the ingredients?? Isn't God amazing at providing all our provisions? It was so delicious that I had to blog about it and write down the recipe so I can remember it for next time since I always "adjust" even when following a recipe, so here it is:
Chicken Tortilla Soup
3 skinless boneless chicken breasts (cut in pieces)
1/2 yellow onion
2 cloves garlic (pressed)
1/4 tsp cumin
1/4 tsp chilly powder
1 can Rotel (undrained)
1 small can chopped green chiles (undrained)
1 large container of chicken broth
cheddar cheese (shredded)
flour tortillas (cut into 2" pieces) I used two and it was enough
sour cream
Cut tortillas into 2" pieces and bake them at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes or until crispy. I accidentally cooked them a little long, but they still turned out great.
Spray a stock/soup pot with a little bit of cooking spray, cook the chicken and add the onion and garlic, cook for an additional 5 minutes. Add the broth, Rotel, and chiles. Cook until boiling.
When your tortillas are done place them at the bottom of the bowl, pour soup on top then top with cheese and sour cream. ENJOY!
The picture shows a common side dish in our home. I know I have blogged about it before. It is applesauce with blackberries & blueberries with a bit of sugar on top. We love applesauce around here and adding any type of fruit on top is an added treat.
Happy Eating Everyone!
David had a really late and really LONG nap this evening so when he woke up (at 8:30PM) he was all set to go. We were watching Ice Age 2 on TV and he learned a "sloth dance" and would like you all to see his new moves. And yes his underwear is on backwards but he put them on all by himself so we didn't want to discourage him :) Silly boy

Sledding in our "Winter Wonderland"

Sunday morning after "the big storm" brought another fun-filled day in the snow for us. Our neighbors the Toolans invited us to go sledding with them so we walked up to the Quantico Middle/High School to have a go. The snow was SO deep that it made it very difficult to do anything but sink in it, but after a few "runs" down by the Daddies, and I must admit the Mommies too we had padded down the snow enough to make it a perfect sized hill for the boys. (and the adults too) oh yes and our doggies as you shall see.
Thankfully some of the main roads in our neighborhood had been partially plowed so we could walk up the street without a problem. The sidewalks were hit or miss, you can definitely tell which families are not "home" for the holidays around here. After we all had our fill of sledding we headed on home. Poor Mr. Russell needed to thaw out and get warm. Later that evening we enjoyed hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies and dinner at the Toolans house. While we were there the guys got emails saying that the base was "code Red" for today, Monday, meaning no work for them (though Jim is already off for his Christmas break, we still celebrated the "snow day"). We had so much fun. I was surprised as to how much David enjoyed it and could go down the hill all by himself, what a big big boy!

Friedleins & Toolans walking to the school to sled
Sean carrying Shane to the hill. The little boys kept getting stuck in the snow and falling over

David "taking a break" while the hill is prepared

David & Daddy take a turn down the hill together.

The Daddies race their boys. Thank God no one was hurt in the process. They were having WAY too much fun! We all were.

David taking yet another break while the adults took turns

Mommy & Russell take a turn. Russ made it all the way down the hill in my lap. I think he was just happy to be held and warm for a minute.

Bailey & David heading back home for hot chocolate. I must say that Bailey had yet another fun filled day of romping in the snow banks. I think she has more outdoor exercise these past couple snow days than in all our days here in Quantico combined. Silly girl!

When we got home Sean & Jim shoveled our back walkway and around our garage while David and I "finished" up out front. David loved using his friend Shane's yellow shovel to help out Mommy, and then throw snow at Mommy too.

Helper David

His new snow clothes really were a great investment, he never once complained about being wet or cold and whenever we'd go inside and take it all off, he was still warm and dry.

Sledding & Shoveling-all in a days work.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Let it SNOW, Let it SNOW, Let it Snow!

Starting last night around 8pm it has been snowing here in Quantico and in a huge area around us. We already have at least 12 inches on the ground and it is still snowing, have I mentioned that it is still snowing?? We are expected to get about 24 inches of snow! It has been a very long time since either Jim or I have seen snow like this and we really were not prepared. Yesterday we went out and bought David snow pants, jacket & gloves (which worked perfectly), then we headed to two different stores looking for a snow shovel and every Lowes & Home Depot sold out of all their shovels & salt/sand. It was pretty crazy. So we headed home with good gear for David, but no way out of our house if we got snowed in, which we did...Jim started his Christmas and New Year's break from EWS yesterday, so he doesn't have to be back to work until January 4th, which is AWESOME! We are so blessed and excited that he is going to be home with us for so long. So with all that in mind we were really looking forward to getting tons of snow and simply letting it fall and then playing in it.
Around noon we started bundling everyone (including the dogs) and headed outside for what I predicted a short "walk" and snow ball making. Well, almost 3 hours later!! we finally came back in the house for some HOT chocolate and pizza. We had a BLAST! Our neighbors the Hyders were outside too and they all worked together and made a very cool Igloo that even the Daddies fit in. Bailey, our German Shepherd, had equally as much fun literally bounding around in the snow banks. We took both her and Russ off of the lease for a while and she was just having a grand ole time. Mr. Russell, even with his very attractive red sweater :), was not super thrilled about the cold, but we did see him bound around for a bit too. Overall it has been such a fun filled snow day! We are enjoying these times here in Virginia that is for sure. We love our neighbors & neighborhood and all that we are being able to experience as a family (even with our pups). The way the weather looks our church service may be cancelled tomorrow morning, I can't even imagine how much snow we will end up with, because as I mentioned, it is STILL snowing out there! Enjoy our pictures and we'll update you later...Happy Snow Day to all!
Russ is not thrilled, yet so obedient! :)
Russ & Bailey getting bundled up to go play outside.

This is what our back porch looked like around 12 noon, it is now 430pm

David in his new snow suit ready to play out in the snow...
We literally opened the front door and David took one step and fell right over and proceeded to cry, poor boy. After that he wanted to be held because he couldn't even stand in the snow, that didn't last for long, as you will see...

Daddy & David after making snow angels

Bailey girl, really excited about snow!

Daddy helping David to walk on the sidewalk, it was so deep. David is slowly starting to have fun :)

Making Snowballs

The snow makes it hard to see Daddy!

"Helping" dig out the Hyder van :)

David taking the sled for a little walk down the street.

David & Daddy in the Igloo, nice work everyone!

Coming out of the Igloo. Russell, David, & Daddy were in there together.

More Igloo time

Daddy you are so fun!

Posing outside by the Hyder house (about 3 doors down from ours)
They are showing us how deep the snow is.

EWS Christmas Party & PAFWBC Christmas Cantata

Last Friday Jim's EWS class had their Christmas party. The highlight for us all was the bubble wrap running areas. It seems to be a Marine Corps wide "party" tradition. David liked it so much that when we received our Christmas packages from Grandma Van (who used lots of bubble wrap in the box), we laid them all out on the living room floor and had hours of fun running back and forth.
That evening after the party we headed to New Bern, NC for our home church's Christmas Cantata. The Goodfellows sent us the CDs so we were able to learn all the songs and join the choir for the fun. We originally were only going to stay for the Saturday night Cantata and then leave after the Sunday morning service, but we were easily convinced to stay for Sunday evening as well. IT WAS SO WORTH IT! We headed back home after that and made it to Quantico around 2:00AM, not too bad, despite the really dense fog we ran into. Even though Jim had to get up early the next morning we were pleasantly surprised when he returned home at 9:30AM! Boy were we glad we stayed in New Bern! Thanks so much to all our church family for sharing the weekend with us, we are so blessed!
While in NC we were also able to meet up with Jim's dad fresh home (early) from Iraq. He came up to New Bern from Jacksonville for lunch Saturday afternoon and then came back again for the evening Cantata. It was great to see him as well! David loves Granpa!

Bubble wrap runs

Speed racer

All grown up :)

David & his Granpa at lunch-buddies! :)
Some of the PAFWBC Choir singing during the "A Baby Changes Everything" Christmas Cantata.
'"The Healer" is passing your way!'
Michaelene & Jenny after the Cantata
Thank you again EVERYONE for such a blessed weekend!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snowy Days & Christmas Parades

Saturday morning it rained and rained and then all of a sudden it changed into HUGE snow flakes! We were all very excited for the first snow fall here in VA. It has been about 3 years since Jim has seen snow so this was a big deal. David, the doggies, & I got some snow in NC last year, so David was really looking forward to playing in it again. His highest request was to make snow balls, so we did. Bailey our dog was just as excited as we were. She LOVES the cold and literally pounces around in the snow. It is an extreme of what we call "wet dog syndrome" crazy girl! That evening we made it outside and made snow balls and threw them at the sidewalk, then we headed across the street to the park with some neighbors for some sleigh rides courtesy of the Daddies, and some of the older siblings (not that much older :) )
Sunday after church there was a Christmas Parade at Q'town, the actual town called Quantico, situated within the base and so we headed straight there for some fun Christmas music and candy of course. David saw his friend Mickey there too, an added bonus. THEN we ran home and changed just in time to head to our friends the Bernizes' house for a Birthday party for there little boy Brandt who just turned 1 year old. It was a fun fun fun and busy weekend! Most of the snow has melted now, but we look forward to more to come over the next couple of winter months! David was convinced that since it snowed it MUST be Christmas already, so on that note Merry Christmas :)

Bailey girl getting her first taste of the snow fall
mid afternoon, our house :)

Mommy & David getting ready to take the doggies for a quick walk in the snow

David is really excited to make snow balls

Oh so fun!

Snow Ball Boy!

"I got 2 Mommy!" Check out the huge snow flakes!

Daddy & David at the park

Neighborhood fun in the snow

David & Carson get a ride in the sled

Merry Friedlein Family

Daddy & David at the Quantico Christmas Parade

The Daddies & the boys watching the Shriners mini cars go by & do tricks

Jolly Ole Saint Nick himself, on a firetruck of course :)

David & Mickey enjoying the parade & the candy :)

David & Mommy walking back to the car after the parade

Walking to Brandt's 1st Birthday party

A little Merry Christmas carol from the band aboard MCB Quantico