Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Birthday Videos

Friday night while opening some birthday gifts.

This one and the other of the boys dancing makes me laugh out loud over and over again. Do you think we should let David take guitar lessons one day??? At least he has a love for gospel music :)

Happy 3rd Birthday David James!

Our little boy is growing up! On November 9th David turned 3 years old. It has been such a fun adventure being his Mommy and I look forward to the many more years ahead that God may bless us with our little man. Sunday evening we had a birthday party for him at our house The Friedlein Train Station as we called it. It was Thomas The Tank Engine Party as he LOVES Thomas and all trains for that matter. We started to gift opening on Friday night and David received lots of wonderful things from his friends and family. Once again our camera isn't up to standard, so some of the pictures are blurry, but you can get an idea of the time we had with all our friends. Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us and also to all of you who were unable, thank you for the gifts David was very excited about every single one! God is beyond good to us with blessing us with all of you. Happy Birthday David! Mommy & Daddy love you so very much! Super excited about his suckers. One from Auntie Jamie & Uncle Brad, the other from his friends Makayla & Carter in NC
Gramma & Grandpa (from Iraq) :) got David a Lightning McQueen bicycle & all the gear to go with it. David LOVED to wear his McQueen helmet.

David's Uncle David sent him this awesome Thomas tent that is SO HUGE both David, Daddy, Bailey & Russ can fit in it at the same time. Friday night was hilarious with this one. Here my guys are looking out the windows

Daddy putting the tent together. I thought this was a silly picture

David still sporting the helmet, "safety first Thomas!"

Bailey joined David in his Thomas Tent. We are still finding Russ in there throughout the day and night. He LOVES to take naps in there too with or without David :) Silly doggies. That night we also opened a fun read-along book & CD from Nona & Poppa, some clothes, books, and an Advent calendar from Aunt Haley, Sue, & Grandpa Friedlein, and a poster paint McQueen book from Makayla & Carter. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! We also opened up a special DVD that Grandpa Taylor made for David out in Iraq. He video taped a whole bunch of different Marines doing all kinds of different jobs and each and everyone said "Happy Birthday David!" It was very special. David loved that "Marines said Happy Birthday to me" Thank you extra special all you deployed Marines & Grandpa for making David feel special on his birthday.

Saturday morning we decided to give David his gifts from us & from Grandma & Grandpa Van. A totally huge amount of Thomas the Tank trains, tracks, and accessories. Surely you can't have a train party without trains. David has talked for ever about this "train wash"

Daddy brought out his engineer skills and built David a Sodar town for David and all his friends to play with. This table wasn't even big enough to hold all the tracks!
Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Van!
David just before his party began. Another birthday tradition for us is the Pinata, and what else could we use, but a train. This one was extra special because it had pull strings, so we didn't have to completely destroy it to get all the candy out.

Birthday Party begins, getting ready to eat dinner.

David & his friend Shane enjoying their birthday foods

Craft Time!! This was a HUGE hit. Everyone got to make their very own door hanger for their rooms. I couldn't believe how much all ages of the kids enjoyed this project, it was so quiet you would never know that we had 13 kids in our house!

This is the finished cake. I don't know why, but it won't turn around right side up. It was a big hit too and mighty delicious I must say!

Happy Birthday David

Singing David Happy Birthday. He was such a ham, loving every minute of it all.

Pinata time!! Everyone was so well behaved and thoughtful to the other kids, everyone got plenty of candy.

A real big boy toy. A TANK!

It's Thomas!!

Monday morning, David's actual Birthday, he opened up his gifts from his Auntie Jamie & Uncle Brad. Mack & 2 different Lightning McQueen cars!! LOVE IT! Thank you!

Showing off his new toys!

These videos are out of order, but after the party some of the little girls wanted to play musical chairs so we turned on a Gaithers' CD and wouldn't you know it, the boys decided that it was time to dance. They were hilarious!

Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy!
Thank you again to everyone for making this weekend so very special for our little boy. Happy 3rd Birthday David James!

Birthday Party Preparations

Saturday (ALL DAY) Jim, Mary, & I worked really really hard in preparing everything for David's Birthday Party. It was such a crazy busy weekend, but in no way were we going to let his 3rd birthday just slip by. Friday all day we cleaned and reorganized the house and Saturday we did all the party prep that we could. Due to the high volume of gifts sent from family & friends we decided to make it a birthday weekend for David so he could enjoy the blessings each person sent to him. Though of course now when we go get the mail he still thinks there are birthday presents in there for him (which there are still sometimes :) Poor confused child). Anyway I was really proud of how the birthday cake turned out so I wanted to show a couple of my step by step creation before posting all the birthday pictures. The final picture will be with those (with trains on it). It has become a tradition for us to make & design a birthday cake that goes with the theme of David's birthday party. This year it was Thomas the Tank Engine.

Happy 234th Birthday Marine Corps

November 10th is the day we celebrate the founding of the United States Marine Corps. For those of you who do not know it is a very big deal to Marines, and we all get to get dressed up and have a party to honor the Corps. This year the birthday ball we attended was on Saturday November 7th. We were blessed to have Jim's mom (Gramma) come into town Friday evening so she and David spent the night together while Jim and I went out on our date. As always the ceremony is my favorite part and this year (a first from our experiences) the Guest of Honor asked all Marines to stand and sing the Marine Hymn a cappella. It was fantastic, it definitely makes a Marine Corps wife proud! It was a fun night with great food and though are ears were a big strained when we left, we had a really good time with friends. Our camera wasn't taking very good pictures that night (it is really starting to frustrate us that camera), but we did manage to get a couple okay ones. We did get our picture taken professionally and now I am really glad because hopefully that one turns out great. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARINES and thank you for all you do for our freedom!

Me & my handsome Marine
Some of our new friends here in Quantico, also part of the EWS class.
Me & Angie

The couples: Friedleins & Bernizes. We had a good time even if we had to yell over the music just to hear each other talk :) Always fun at the USMC Birthday Ball

Friday, November 6, 2009

Food that is Blog Worthy

Unfortunately I did not take a picture as I think not only was this dish yummy, but pretty as well. Last night for dinner I made Chicken Enchiladas a new way and they turned out AWESOME! I could eat them today too if we had any left that is! :)
They were so simple and absolutely delicious. Here is my "recipe"


2 skinless boneless chicken breasts
salsa (we prefer the fresh kind that you can find in the refrigerator section at the grocery store)
1/2 package of cream cheese
5 tortilla shells
2 cans green enchilada sauce.
1 whole small yellow onion
about 1 cup (or more) of fresh shredded cheddar cheese

Boil the chicken until cooked. Chop onion and chicken and mix in a bowl with about 4-5 heaping spoonfuls of salsa. Add the cream cheese and microwave for about 1 minute to let the cream cheese melt just a little bit. Mix. Pour 1 can of green enchilada sauce in a casserole dish. Create your enchilada by scooping in lots of the chicken mixture and then rolling them up in a tortilla. Place them rolled up and side by side in the casserole dish. Pour the 2nd can of sauce over top. Top with shredded cheese. Bake at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes and eat. SO YUM YUM YUMMY!

As a side dish we had applesauce with blue berries & blackberries topped with a few pinches of sugar. We love applesauce in the house and we REALLY love adding berries and sugar to it, so this was just the perfect sweetness to our meal. Is anyone else getting hungry??

PAFWBC Homecoming in New Bern, NC

This past weekend we made a drive down to New Bern, NC for our home church's homecoming service and to visit our friends whom we miss dearly. Though it was a short visit we had a fabulous time. David didn't miss a beat when he saw his old friends, he too had a wonderful time with everyone. Thank you especially to the Coghills who opened up their home to us, but also to all our friends who took time out of their busy schedules to spend some fun times with us. THANK YOU & we miss you lots and lots! See you next month New Bern!

The Goodfellow Girls & David enjoying dinner at (where else?) Ruby Tuesday's when we arrived Friday night. They had just finished up their Hallelujah Night at the church. We were so sad to miss it.
Saturday morning after a much awaited breakfast at (again where else??) Baker's Square we headed to Kidsville for a few hours of fun. It was a warm and beautiful fall day and I'm still not sure who had more fun, the kids or the adults. I will let you decide :)

David & Makayla get a push on the tire swing from the Daddies

Someone was working up a sweat

Daddy's turn!! :) So silly

Driving the car and making his world famous car noises

Makayla, Carter, & David taking a drive. I'd say that Carter changed the most since we last visited. Look at the handsome boy and his blonde hair!

Tackling the tire ladder. Two peas in a pod :)

Mr. Mike helping David do pull ups

Saturday night hayride with the Paynes & Coghills.

David & one of his best buddies Micah playing cars. Oh how we miss you all!

Sunday afternoon. Kristen, David, & Micah gave each other rides in the wheel chair.

Such sweet friends. (Sharing a "trumpet" from the story of Jericho in Sunday School)

Micah's turn to ride. David's turn to drive.

Ok, so the husbands thought it would be funny to get all the Mommies on the tire swing at the same time. For the record none one of us wanted to do it :) but we humored them. Enjoy the show. :) Thanks guys, really, thanks.

Then later it was Jim's turn, now who looks silly?? Though it didn't bother him like it did us.

Carter will be 1 in just about a week. I can't believe how much he has grown since we moved to VA. He is such a doll. Here is an adorable video of him, simply because I couldn't resist. We love you Pleasant Acres family :)

2009 Marine Corps Marathon/10K Races

On Sunday October 25th the 2009 Marine Corps Marathon was held in Washington DC. Jim's EWS class was given the option to work at it or run in a race, so we took the opportunity and he decided to run the 10K. Saturday evening after the pumpkin party we headed up to DC to stay the night because the race started Sunday morning at 8 & so many streets were going to be closed that morning. We stayed at the Marriott, which we do a lot, we love Marriotts. When we arrived they upgraded our room!. It was HUGE! and beautiful. We had a fantastic view of the DC downtown streets. David got his very own bed as usual :) He obviously loved it too!
BIG boy bed
Just a glimpse of our huge room

Sunday morning we took the short walk to the metro station and hoped on (along with tons and tons of other runners) and headed to the 10K starting point. What a view of the Capital huh?? I only wish I could have cropped all the people out of this picture.

Though it was pretty early when we started our day, we were super excited to be a part of such a big event. We we bundled up for the chilly morning, but it turned out to be a perfect race day outside.

Here is Jim really excited to go, just seconds before the countdown to race time began!

And they are off!

Here is Jim with his 10K medal. He finished in great time, David & I are very proud. He is even considering training up for the marathon, maybe next year!

This is where both the 10K & the marathon ended. Definitely a great site to keep you going until the end.

We hung around for the marathon racers to come in. We sat in the bleachers for hours cheering in all kinds of runners. We had a great time together

Here comes the 1st place runner of the 2009 Marine Corps Marathon! Go Navy :)