Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oh The Great Outdoors

There are tons of trails through the woods here on Quantico and for a while now Jim has wanted to walk them. We also thought it would be great to find some place where the dogs could run off leash and be safe while burning all their energy. So this Saturday though a very gloomy day outside, we bundled up and headed out doors. We had a blast finding our way around the woods and the dogs completely wore themselves out running around. (I think they are STILL tired) It started raining pretty heavily on our way back home, thankfully the trees protected us until we had to exit the forest. Needless to say we were soaked, but had a blast! We were hoping to see some wildlife since this base has loads of deer and groundhogs, however we made it the whole hike without seeing a single creature, until we got home that is... I headed into one bathroom with the dogs to give them baths and Jim & David headed to the other where Jim found between 10-15 ticks on David & himself. YUCK! We sprayed ourselves with bug spray prior to leaving, but we were told that ticks are really bad around here and sure enough we proved it to be true. Everyone and everything got washed so we are tick-free now. I don't think that will stop us from another hiking in the woods adventure though, we had too much fun! David & Mommy hiking in Quantico
Bailey & David found LOTS of fun sticks to play with

Taking a moment to pose for Mommy to take a picture.

Daddy & David hiking up the hill

Getting rained on

David had SO MUCH FUN!

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