Monday, August 31, 2009

Week In Review Continued

Later that weekend we met up with David's Nona & Poppa who also came to visit Jim's dad before he deployed. We had a very busy fun-filled day! We started with big breakfast Saturday morning, then headed off to the National Marine Corps Museaum, took a much needed nap, and then went out to dinner that evening at a yummy seafood restaurant.

David's Nona brought him this airplane book which we all love!

On our way!

The famous flag from Iwo Jima

Here David & Poppa are getting yelled at by a drill instructer

We were excited that CHESTY the Marine Corps Mascot was also visiting the museaum that day! He was a very nice doggie.

Poppa, David, & Nona at dinner

It had been raining all day, and David thought it was fun to play with it.

We had a wonderful visit with our family. Thank you for flying, driving, and taking the train all this way to see us!

The following week we headed up to Annapolis, MD. A fellow Marine was killed in Iraq so Jim decided to attend his funeral at the Naval Academy. David & I went with him, but we shopped around downtown while Jim went to the service. We also we able to meet up with Jim's sponsor parents Sarah & Denis. They took us out for a delicious italian dinner Friday night. We had a wonderful visit with them as it had been over a year since we we back at the Academy.

Downtown Annapolis

Sarah & Denis enjoying dinner (David took this picture by the way)

Enjoying his own BIG bed in the hotel in Annapolis

David & I enjoyed breakfast together on the water while Daddy headed to the Academy.

This was our view from our table...beautiful!

Though not under the best circumstances, we enjoyed our trip to MD and look forward to the Air Force game in October!

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